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Holiday In The Wild: 3 Best Resorts To Add To Your Bucket List

Plan a trip full of adventure and thrill with your loved one to create memories for a lifetime

Travelling to a new place is one of the most cherished moments of your life and it's only right to say it should be a trip of a lifetime. If you're the kind of person who craves a little adrenaline and adventure while sipping on bubbly and bingeing on exotic meals, a holiday in the wild is just what you need. Say good-bye to the cliché beach destinations cause we guarantee you these are a refreshing change.

Spend a night under the stars, enjoy a candle-light in the midst’s of a jungle, discover the underwater world or indulge in a meal with animals eating right beside you, it’s time to go on a true adventure. Here’s our round-up of must-visit resorts if you want an unforgettable thrill!

Africa, Giraffe Manor

Africa has so much to offer – world class comfort with the right amount of adventure. The typical lovebird itinerary begins on a safari in Kruger National Park or in KwaZulu-Natal, then wraps up with a few days of dining and sightseeing in the cosmopolitan city of Cape Town. The true beauty in Africa combines serene beach destinations contrasted by thick forests with wildlife. But one of the country’s greatest treasures is its wine, and a visit to the wineries have all the elements of the perfect vacation.

When you think of wildlife Africa is undoubtedly the first destination that would come to your mind. Waking up at 5 am on a holiday may not sound exciting , but an early wakeup call for an African safari is undoubtedly going to get your excitement levels high. Known for its exquisite safari lodges and wildlife drives, every visit to the jungle leaves you pleasantly surprised. Be it spending a night in a luxurious tent, or going on a safari at dawn with camera in hand searching for imposing wild animals in the world, each day brings with it a new experience. And if you wish to go a step further nothing gets better than having breakfast with your new friends, giraffes.

Giraffe Manor in Kenya is a favourite for all animal lovers, and even if you aren’t one, this isn’t an experience to miss. In this luxury resort just outside Nairobi, you can have a unique experience: breakfast with these remarkable animals. The Giraffes stick their long heads through the window making you feel on top of the world.

Thailand, Chai Lai Orchid

You're excused for thinking Thailand is all about serene beachy getaways and romantic holidays. While that is true, it has some undiscovered hidden treasures perfect for all animal lovers. Chai Lai Orchid is one of them, dedicated to the animal that have a memory that lasts a lifetime. This resort is all about living with elephants while supporting a good cause, conservation.

Let elephants walk up to your window and wake you early morning as you get ready to spend the day caring, feeding and bathing elephants. Set amidst a jungle where you can truly connect with nature and indulge in a simple life spending quality time with yourself. And might we add.... sometimes a detox from gadgets and the digital world can make you focus on the important things.

At Chai Lai Orchid you can satisfy your wanderlust with an eco-friendly adventure trek, a custom private hike or an overnight trek deep in the jungle hunting hidden waterfalls. Experience Northern Thailand’s incredible wildlife as you take a leisurely ride on a bamboo raft to meet a family of elephants.

Adding a luxe feel is the luxurious tented property that brings to your organic farm to table meals. Opt for their private bungalow that overlooks mountains from the balcony and melt the stresses away with a traditional Thai massage.

Australia, The Great Barrier Reef

Known for the life changing experience at The Great Barrier Reef, Australia is heaven for all adventurous travellers. From feeding Kangaroos, to deep sea diving with life underwater, Australia allows you to get up close with nature. Western Australia is one of the adventurous, picturesque places. So if you are into grand adventures, a scuba-diving excursion should be on your list.

Go big or go home! There’s no better place than the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia for the crème de la crème of diving adventures. With most resorts only 20 minutes away, this is heaven for you.

If luxury is what you crave, fly to Hamilton Island and check into the fabulously chic Qualia resort. Surrounded by breath taking views of the Coral Seal and Whitsundays, the 60 suites feature private sundecks making it an oasis of luxury and Australian style.

Go on an adventure of a lifetime as you enjoy a private helicopter Heart Reef tour, go on a memorable Great Barrier Reef snorkelling adventure or sail to breath-taking Whitehaven Beach and simply swim. All you water babies are in for an adventure.

If you’re not much of a water baby, and wildlife sightings are a priority, Kangaroo Island is your best bet. A 20-minute flight from Adelaide, it combines the beauty of the sea with the wild animals.

An adventure in the wild awaits, are you ready to immerse yourself in nature and wildlife?


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