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Foodhall's Winter Special Menu Will Make You Fall In Love With The Season

From BBQ kits, chocolate fondues and DIY cheese fondue kits, these warm and fuzzy winter special foods will get you through the cold wave.

Foodhall winter means only one thing - a delicious winter-special menu. As the cold wave continues to sweep the city, it might do us some good to seek comfort in the familiar. Yes, we're talking about warming soups and flavourful broths, fondues and barbeques. While you may or may not love the cold, you can't deny the excitement to savour some of the finest food and produce to keep you warm and fuzzy.

While some foods are dedicated only for the summer, others are best kept for the colder months. With the wind chill catching up and the mercury dropping to temperatures below normal, all we need is a bonfire and an indulgent meal. Foodhall's Winter Wonderland is all about enjoying these winter specials to keep you warm. From cheese fondue kits to a BBQ Grilling Kit to Winter Staycation Kits and sweet treats featuring the favourite winter fruit - Strawberry - and of course, chocolate fondue kits, satiate your taste buds this season.

As you take a trip to the store stop by Foodhall Café to indulge in their winter cafe menu featuring Soups, Winter Toasties, Eggnog flavoured French Toast and delicious Strawberry Nutella Croissant Sandwich among others. Or give in to your love for sweets and strawberries as you indulge in desserts loaded with fresh strawberries. Treat yourself to a Strawberry Danish Pastry, Strawberry Bundt Cake or a Fresh Strawberry Tart. And what better than the classic flavours combination of Chocolate and Strawberry. Dive into the

XOCO world and indulge in the world of fresh strawberries and warm chocolate-based desserts from Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Strawberry Truffles, Chocolate Covered Marshmallows and Chocolate Fondue Jars.

What's more? If you're planning a cosy night in with your loved ones, then get an exquisite dining experience delivered to your doorstep. Pick the DIY Cheese Fondue Kit and choose from an array of winter cheeses like gruyere, emmental, cheddar, parmesan, brie, camembert, and raclette. If you want a little more then the BBQ Grilling Kit is just for you. It even comes with a portable, eco-friendly charcoal grill for just Rs. 999. Meat lovers can opt for a range of pre-marinated barbecued meats at Foodhall. To add a healthy touch eat in with a portion of freshly barbecued winter vegetables like carrots, pumpkin, zucchini, broccoli and more. And the vegetarian option is just as good; think charred fresh produce enjoyed alongside mashed potatoes, we are drooling!! End the meal on a sweet note as you dip marshmallows, wafers and fresh fruits into the decadent Chocolate Fondue.

And if you need a quick getaway from the city, the pre-curated picnic Winter Staycation Kits are a fuss-free option that you can pick up from the store. However, if you're keeping your guard up and avoiding crowded places, head to the website and get yours delivered to your doorstep.

Available across: all Foodhall Stores


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