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This Frozen Cookie Dough Is Worth Every Calorie

Berrika X Shivesh Bhatia's Frozen Cookie Dough is the only comfort food you need this winter.

With Christmas comes the season of bingeing on delicious cookies and sipping on decadent hot chocolate that takes us down the memory lane. And what if we told you that these flavours are now in the form of frozen cookie dough can now be delivered right to your doorstep? Brace yourself because yes, you heard right, this Christmas, Berrika has launched a festive special frozen cookie dough in association with the renowned Baker Shivesh Bhatia of Bake with Shivesh. And we promise you it's a winter hug for everyone who loves chocolate and marshmallows.

“With Ben & Jerry’s launch last year, we saw a huge demand for the chocolate chip cookie dough. The craze for the flavour inspired us to come up with something new, reminding me about my childhood days in Switzerland where the local kiosk used to offer frozen cookie dough chunks. We wanted to do justice to the idea and introduce something new to India. Personally, being a big fan of Shivesh’s work and having worked with him before it was a no-brainer for us. Shivesh understood the idea and recreated it just how I remember it. So, this Christmas we are excited to introduce to India a unique frozen cookie dough - These Cookies can be eaten as is or baked to perfection and enjoyed. ” shares Krysh Bajaj, Co-founder, and Director at Berrika.

The scrumptious double chocolate s’mores cookie dough the combination of biscuit chunks, soft Marshmallows, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate all in one is just the right kind of indulgence you need this holiday season. Shivesh is known for his simple recipes that tried at home with ease, speaking about the collaboration he shared, “I personally love Berrika and everything they do so getting together with them to create this cookie dough for Christmas has been extremely exciting! I can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on the product and celebrate this season with us.” What's more? You can nibble on them straight out of the freezer or bake them in the oven and make it a fun activity with your friends family. If you like a little crunch, then it's time to get baking.

How To Bake The Cookies

Step 1: Preheat the oven at 180 degrees and line a baking tray with parchment paper.

Step 2: Place 5-7 pieces (depending on the size of the tray) of the cookie dough on the tray with enough distance between them.

**Note that the cookies dough will spread once it's baked.

Step 3: Bake them in the oven for 10 minutes until they're crispy from the outside and gooey from the inside. Set aside and let them cool.

Step 4: Enjoy them with a decadent cup of hot cocoa or coffee.

* Limited Edition: Exclusively available on Berrika only till 17th Jan 2022! Don't miss out!

To order, log on to:

Price: ₹/- 550 (for a box of Berrika X Shivesh frozen cookie dough)

Contact Number: +91 7470007000

Delivering across Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Gurugram, and Bengaluru


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