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Discovering Siddhant Agrawal's Pret Label

Known for his fearless creativity, designer Siddhant Agrawal spills the beans on his brands USP

Bold, avant-garde, off-beat, quirky and eclectic best define Siddhant Agrawal's unique design aesthetic. A young brand established in 2019, Siddhant Agrawal's pret couture line celebrates monochromatic hues and contemporary opulence while aiming to break free through its innovative approach. Seamlessly marrying contemporary design aesthetics each piece has a distinct story to share.

Catering to today's millennial who are fashion-conscious, Agrawal understood the importance of blurring the line between high-end fashion and street style trends ensure comfort remains a priority. Along with which, functionality, sustainability and practical, fuss-free silhouettes are the USP of the label. With growing concerns about eco-friendly fashion choices - both for the producer and the consumer - Siddhant decided to imbibe this as the brand philosophy. Today, sustainability does not need an introduction, we have all become familiar with the consequences of fast fashion. At Siddhant’s atelier, the very priority is the welfare of the workforce behind it and the maximum utilization of everything in use along with up-cycling everything, from pattern paper to even the tiniest piece of waste cloth.

However, the brand acknowledges the fact that it's next to impossible to be 100% sustainable. For the creation of certain silhouettes the use of “non-sustainable” poly fabrics are inevitable as sustainable fabrics fail to provide the desired result. But, even while selecting the synthetic fabrics the label puts in efforts to be certain that they are recyclable, and the possibility of waste accumulation is minimum.

As slow fashion gains momentum, timeless pieces are becoming a favourite amongst buyers, the label focuses on pieces that are luxurious and will never become a part of “throwaway culture”. Being versatile in design, the creations can be mixed-and-matched to create a new outfit every time and hence helps to shop less and put those versatile styles in use more often.The label has implemented various other strategies that can assist in reducing energy consumption as well as practices like throwing the used water in gardens.

It's important to understand that sustainable practices in the fashion industry cannot be achieved overnight. It involves shaking up a very deeply rooted fast industry to alter its perception about fashion to ensure all processes involved in manufacturing fashion goods are ethical. Brands like Siddhant Agrawal produce sustainably to provide an ethical choice and alleviate their social and ecological footprint and is working each day to become more sustainable. But to make a real difference a lot more brands would need to join the bandwagon.


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