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Can dating apps really help you find love?

Discovering the world of online dating

Dating has become as easy as just a right swipe. In the last few years, online dating has gained immense prominence in the last few becoming a widespread trend. Starting with Tinder, many of the youngsters quickly turned to these apps as a means to scout for love. After the immense success of Tinder, apps like Bumble and Hinge appeared on the market and people were quick to make the switch. While some find themselves present on all forums others have their personal preference. But no matter what is said or done in trying times of the pandemic these apps have immensely helped to find love (and company) in these lonely times.

The search for love on dating apps can often stir anxiety, lead to heartbreak or leave you pleasantly surprised. But the question is can someone truly find love in the virtual world? And if yes what is the best way to navigate your way through these apps? Can it be emotionally draining? Will you find yourself heartbroken? Or is it just a fairy-tale romance? You may have heard of bad experiences your friend has encountered making you approach dating apps with caution (and rightly so). But just as online dating can foster some bad experiences, it can also be magical. Many of us know couples who seem so perfectly matched that it's almost impossible to believe they met virtually.

Just like everything in life, dating apps too have their upside and their downside. From one night stands to serious relationships that convert into marriage it offers a wide spectrum of opportunities. Although the approach is more informal than the traditional way of bumping into someone at a bar, party or being introduced by a friend, there seem to be many success stories. With the trend of dating apps being on the rise, you need to be sure to not have expectations too fast and pace your way into this new bond. So let's break down the pros and cons of dating apps and how you can use them effectively to find love.

How Can You Make The Most Out of Dating Apps?

First and foremost, if you are planning to download these apps you need to have a clear idea of what you're scouting for - is it a relationship? Something long term or something casual? Or is it a way to meet your potential life partner? We recommend some soul-searching to understand what you're expecting out of your relationship or partner. And once you have that cleared out for yourself, spend time deciding which app you want to join and spend some time creating your profile. Yes, love doesn't happen overnight so if you're on these platforms be ready to wait it out. Don't expect to find the one immediately after creating your profile, rather spend time vetting your matches.

Once you get chatting, it's a wise idea to layout your cards before entering into any kind of association to ensure you both are on the same page. Understand what you definitely don't want in a partner to help make the process easier. And if you feel you wish to take it forward, move from texting to a phone call and meeting in person ASAP for a better sense of understanding of your compatibility. And this in turn also avoids disappointments.

What NOT to do on a dating app

If you've been on a dating app, chances are that you've had a few hits and a bunch of misses. And more often than not, the bad dates can be attributed to your high expectations. You may have come across someone who is completely different from what their profile says, looks different or even lied about their age. Being on the receiving end doesn't feel good, does it? So be sure to stay as real as possible on the apps and never misinterpret or try to appear as something else online. If you're looking for something meaningful then concealing real aspects will always be a roadblock, it's all about attracting those with similar values. And looking for instant love shouldn't be the expectation from a dating app, you need to ease your way into getting to know a new person and understanding your compatibility. Instant results are a sure shot recipe for disappointment.

Second, interactions can fizzle out on these apps hence it's a wise decision to move fast from online to in-person interaction. However, if things do fizzle out, don't be disheartened and keep reminding yourself that something better will come your way. Be quick to point out red flags on a profile and if someone is truly interested in you they'll be quick to plan a date. And lastly, when you're on your first date don't let chemistry take over character. The personality and character of a person should be on the top of your priority list.

So finally, how likely are you to find "the one" online? Well, let's be honest how or where you meet the person doesn't matter as long as it is a healthy relationship. Of course, it's easier to find a common thread and build a relationship when you meet people organically and in person but that doesn't mean you can't do the same online. Since everyone is available online possibly for similar reasons you have enough opportunities to put yourself out there that may increase. Just don't emotionally invest till you're certain to avoid heartbreak and keep an open mind!


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