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9 Workout Apps That Need To Be On Your Radar

We all tend to procrastinate about starting a regular workout routine given our hectic schedule with the hustle-bustle of everyday life. Not being able to find the right gym, trainer or even the right time to workout. But in the current situation, all these are mere excuses. Staying fit even during the lockdown is extremely important for both physical and mental wellbeing, and one thing is for sure, home fitness is going to be the way forward.

Weight loss is only one of the many factors that are an outcome of working out. Stress release, glowing skin, better immunity and great focus are some of the other positives of working out regularly. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, there's something for everyone out there. No equipment? No problem, yoga, bodyweight workouts, walks, or runs are good options. All you need is 3o minutes of dedication every day. And like they say, it takes about three weeks to form a habit. So as the lockdown has given us the leisure of time, let's channelize it in the right way. Here's our edit of 9 fitness apps that should be on your radar to sweat it out.

1. Fitbit Coach App

Whether you're a beginner or a fitness freak, the Fitbit Coach App has workouts varying from merely 10 minutes to 30 minutes depending on your fitness level. The best part about this app is that it not only looks into your physical well being but has mindfulness sessions as well. Start your morning on the right note with a workout and mindfulness session and dose off to a relaxing meditating session.

2. Cure Fit

Cult Fit had become a favourite amongst many users in India prior to the lockdown. With a variety of group workout sessions of varying intensity. Cult Fit has now brought guided workouts to the comfort of your homes with the Cure Fit app. Choose to join in on a live class or workout at your convenience from a wide variety of workouts by fitness experts and b-towns trainers. From eating right to training hard, the app ensures wholistic fitness.

3. 30-day Fitness

Want toned arms or a flat belly? The 30-day Fitness apps allows you to track your fitness goal over a month. Pro-tip: Start with a warm-up before beginning your workout.

4. Nike Training Club App

Train on the go or take out an hour every day for your workout. The Nike Training Club app lets you choose a workout that suits your time, mood and fitness level. Designed by professional trainers, this is a personal trainer in your pocket. Focus on cardio, strength and toning a specific body part just at the click of a button.

5. Sweat

Get all the workout motivation you need with Kayla Itsines's fitness app SWEAT. The workouts combine body weight training along with gym equipment exercises to help you women get the perfectly toned body.

6. Diva Yoga

Recently started by Bollywood celebrity and Yoga enthusiat, Malaika Arora Khan, Diva Yoga is your go-to app for a daily dose of Yoga. While Yoga is not as intense as other workout regimes it's extremely beneficial for health and also one of the bets workout forms. However, be sure to focus on form before proceeding to complex yoga poses to avoid any injury.

7. Fitstar Yoga

If you want to become a serious Yogi in the comfort of your own home FitStar Yoga is the app you should download now. Internationally recognised yoga experts are just a tap away providing you with a completely individual session. Offering a gentler workout that can be tailored to meet your personal goals, FitStar Yoga is updated regularly ensuring that things are kept fresh and, most importantly, fun.

8. Yoga For Beginners

It's to master yoga beyond child pose and savasana. Opt for a high-intensity vinyasa flow or perfect the surya namaskars, indulging in breathing exercises or boost your energy to take on the day. This app lets you track your yoga flow progress.

9. Adidas Training By Runtastic

Train hard or go home! 30 free workouts for you to sweat it out over a challenege with yourself or your friends.

With these apps we can assure you that you have no reason to procastinate!


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