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9 Unconventional Ways To Use Turmeric

The lockdown has prompted us to push our creativity to new heights, whether in the kitchen, on a canvas or at work. Staying home has become the new normal, and exploring the use of resources available at home in creative ways is always enlightening. One such ingredient that has multiple purposes is Turmeric. While everyone knows the use of it in cooking, have you ever wondered what are the other uses of turmeric? It may come as a shock to many of you but turmeric has medicinal properties, it can used for skincare, haircare and make-up, and it also helps with mental well being.

Going the unconventional way, here are 9 uses of turmeric that you probably didn't know about.

1. Turmeric works as a natural teeth whitener, hence using it to brush your teeth is a wise idea.

2. Having a highly pigmented colour, turmeric is a great way to create natural paints at home. How to do it?

Boil water with 2-3 slices of turmeric for 5 minutes

Let it cool and add vinegar to the solution to bring it together.

Store for an hour and the paint is ready.

3. If you're not having a great day, turmeric work wonders to elevate your mood. Further it also works as a good substitute for coffee to boost your brain power helping you function better.

4. It is a well-known fact that turmeric is good for your skin. You often hear of turmeric being used as an ingredient in various DIY face packs, but how does it help? Turmeric works as a soothing compress for the skin and reduces inflammation.

5. Remember all the fun haldi wedding functions you've been too? Using haldi on the bride and groom on the wedding day is done to achieve the perfect glow for the D-day. So if you're looking for that perfect make-up glow, a pinch of turmeric is all you need. Not only does turmeric work for skincare, you can also add a pinch of turmeric to customise your foundation for the perfect glow.

6. If you're someone who has an artistic side, then explore the use of turmeric for home made soaps or use it to create play dough. And all you young moms out there, if you're looking for a fun activity to keep your kids engaged, this is one such easy activity for your little ones!

7. Beyond it's use to bake and cook, turmeric can be used in the kitchen to make meat safer. Sprinkle meat with turmeric the night before to help kill any bacteria in the meat.

8. Do away with dandruff as you make a paste of olive oil and turmeric. Apply it on your hair, leave it on for a few minutes and wash it off. Repeat regularly to see the results.

9. Lastly, turmeric works its medicinal charm to reduce sprain strain. Create a paste of 1 part salt, 2 part turmeric and water. Apply to the affected area for 20 minutes to an hour once a day to reduce the pain and inflammation.

Instead of stepping out use this time to step within and discover the various uses of resources found within your home. Ingredients within your kitchen can be used for various purposes than solely cooking. Once you start identifying the products you are bound to be amazed by what nature has to offer.


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