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6 Covid Relief Funds To Donate Towards To Help Battle Covid-19

Help India fight the battle against the horrific second wave as you contribute your bit to these 6 covid relief funds.

The second wave of coronavirus has created havoc in India. In times when hearts are filled with anxiety, fear and remorse of losing a loved one, staying in and staying safe remains a priority. With the gloomy and horrific situation the country offers, it's only humanity that can saves lives and this is the time to come together, unite as a country and fight the battle against Covid-19.

Unfortunately today a high number of people are suffering due to the shortage of oxygen, ICU beds, medicines and other medical necessities. In challenging times like these, social media has been a ray of work. It has worked as a uniting force in these tough times bringing to light the effort made by individuals and organisations who have come together to raise funds to help those affected by the second wave of the procure medical equipment. Influential personalities including multiple bollywood stars have also stepped up and donated a lump some to ease the situation across India. But what truly matters is when everyone contributes and does they bit.

From supporting migrant labourers and front-line workers to helping boost oxygen supplies for those in need, these organisations and collectives are meeting the needs of the hour.

1. Give India

With record cases, state lockdowns and lack of protective gear, NGO, Give India, is helping hospitals, Covid centres and health workers cope with the second wave of the pandemic. Donate towards setting up new Covid care centres and provide masks, sanitisers, PPE kits, oxygen etc. As part of India Covid Response Fund – 2 they are providing meals and ration kits to communities who are struggling to make ends meet.

2. Mission Oxygen India

A community young individuals have come together to proactively alleviate the oxygen crisis by donating Oxygen Concentrators to hospitals, nursing homes and medical care facilities entirely funded by socially responsible citizens and distributed through a transparent, verifiable, and accountable channel.

3. Baise Gaba

A purposeful initiative to contribute to the benefit of society, as India grapples under the aftermath of the second wave of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Baise Gaba - a brand based out of Jaipur, Rajasthan, has partnered with Jaipur Vatika Hospital to provide PPE Kits and Oxygen Cylinders for free to all BPL patients.

4. Goonj Rahat Covid

With a focus on neglected communities, Goonj's Covid 2021 focuses availability of groceries, sanitation essentials, oxygen cylinders, beds etc for these people. Further they help with income generation at the grass root level.

5. Hemkunt Foundation

Based in Gurugram, Hemkunt Foundation is prioritising the distribution of Oxygen cylinders to COVID-19 patients for free. They have a 24*7 helpline number for emergencies and is dedicated to assisting people who cannot make it to hospitals. After Gurugram, Hemkund has even started operations in Mumbai.

6. Khalsa Aid

Khalsa Aid has dedicated their effort to meet oxygen equipment demands such as oxygen concentrators, on ground in Delhi.


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