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12 Reasons Why We Loved Emily In Paris

The Netflix Original TV show Emily In Paris is a current obsession world over, not only amongst Gen X and Gen Z but across all age groups. Much like the city, it's set in, the show has an enchanting, dreamy, and whimsical effect. Truth be told, we're currently living vicariously through Emily Cooper's dream job and love interest ( AKA Gabriel).

While Emily might be a misfit when it comes to Parisian culture, shes definitely got her A-game in the fashion capital. But, the show has so much more to offer captivating our attention and making us binge-watch the entire season in one night! And much like Sex and the City, it's a show that we can keep watching on repeat.

So, to celebrate our protagonist's style and the joy of being transported into the reel world from time to time, we've listed down all the reasons that made us fall in love with Emily In Paris.

Here it goes.... 12 Reasons why we loved Emily In Paris

1. A High Fashion Quotient

If you're a fashion lover, then you've got the watch this. From the creator of Sex and the City, this show offers you a visual treat. Avantgarde, eclectic, and sartorial fashion, and the best fashion labels to transport you into a fairytale. All we can say is that Emily & Sylvie's wardrobe is worth stealing!

2. It's set in the city of Paris - The city of love

Yes, who isn't a sucker for a nice Rom-Com Tv Show?

3. Gives you a tour into the life of an influencer

With influencers gaining immense popularity in today's day and age, the show focuses on what it takes to become an influencer. Out of the box posts - breaking away from the usual and depicting information with a fresh take - and the power of social media. Definitely, something we all can relate to since pretty much our entire life is showcased on Instagram!

4. An uber-cool job!

Sometimes it's nice to cut away from the mundane life and daily tasks to see what having your dream job could look like. Emily is blessed to have her dream job in the luxury space, while her boss, Sylvie, might be an obstruction in her path!

5. The Perfect Office

Who doesn't have a dream of stepping into a fancy office every day? Savoir's workspace with large windows and contemporary interiors scoring high on aesthetics.

6. Good Looking French Men!

You may not be one for fashion, but some eye-candy wouldn't kill, would it? All you ladies, Gabriel from the show is surely one to watch out for!

7. Drama, Drama and Drama

What's life without a little bit of drama? This show offers you just the right amount of drama to spice up your life!

8. Glamour

Things that look glamourous on the outside, may not always be so on the inside, they say. But once in a while, cutting off from reality and transporting you into a fantasy world full of glamour is all you need to rejuvenate yourself.

9. The Perfect Best Friend

From your deepest darkest secret to the most memorable experiences life wouldn't be half an exciting without our besties. It reiterates the value and importance of the special bond with all our girlfriends. Cause, they've always got your back.

10. Motivates You To Work Hard!

The show focuses on the story of a young woman, who loves her job and is motivated to push her limits every day. On days when you're down and out, this works wonderfully as a gentle reminder to keep pursuing your passion.

11. Its Extremely Relateable

Being set in a world of digital marketing (that's now ruling the world), the show is easy to relate to. From the fashion choices to the work culture and industry, and to understand how it feels to be in a different city that has a different language and culture, you feel as though you are a part of it. Clicking pictures of croissants in Paris - sounds relatable, doesn't it?

12. It Allows Us To Dream

We all have dreams that can at times seem larger than life, and this show validates just that thought. If we were to look at Emily's salary and the reality behind Emily's wardrobe full of Chanel and Kenzo, they surely don't seem to match. But just for these few hours, you're allowed to dream of just the wardrobe that you want.

Ultimate all we can say is that we're pretty envious of the life in Emily In Paris, and we hope to be able to travel soon!


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