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Unwind in Savasana at LifeYoga, a Wellness Sanctuary In The Heart of Delhi

With the unrelenting pace of modern life and rising stress, practising yoga is a simple way to find calm in today’s world and Lifeyoga proves to be just that.

Yoga is a lifestyle, it's a practice that brings together the mind, body and soul through breathwork, physical movement and controlling your mind. While individuals always look to get away from the city hustle-bustle for a wellness escape, Dr Varun Veer and Dr Tanu Singh, teachers and lifelong practitioners of yoga with over 60 years of combined experience, wanted to break the norm. The duo brought to the national capital an immersive yoga centre, Lifeyoga that is dedicated to enriching life through a harmonious blend of personal transformation and communal growth. “All that I have experienced in my journey of yoga has been extremely joyful. These experiences aren’t mine alone, they rightfully belong to every practitioner. We believe that yoga is for everyone and for every moment and our goal is to help more people from different lifestyles experience the joy of yoga — physical, meditative, and lifestyle-led,” says Dr. Veer. Through Lifeyoga, he hopes to share this spiritual peace, supreme health, and way of life with the larger community.

Nestled in the Malcha Marg market, the interiors of the space juxtapose the chaotic world on the streets outdoors. A three-storey space, sprawled over 10,000 square feet, as you enter the studio a sense of calmness takes over the body. Using a soothing and earthy colour palette, Dr Varun Veer's vision of the studio was brought to life by Studio Lotus. Ambrish Arora, founder of Studio Lotus used natural materials like Mandala stone for the flooring and gypsum cow dung plaster and P.O.P on the walls to add a rooted and Indian yet contemporary feel to the space. With three yoga studios, two therapy rooms, a hot yoga room, two private session rooms, a cafe, a shopping space and a library and lounge to cool down after yoga, the space is designed with a built-in air-purification system in the air conditioning unit. Thus, breathing fresh air becomes a luxury in the space. Surrounded by a lush green expanse outdoors and large bay windows, the studio is illuminated with natural light and a haven of greenery, known to be a mood booster.

 The studio has a total of five bespoke studios — Ekam, Dwe, Trini, Chattvaari, and Panchah — named after the Sanskrit numbers, and each studio is kitted out with high-quality equipment and props to enhance your practice. With over 14 classes a day, the studio can accommodate up to 75-80 people at once. Open 7 days a week from the wee hours of the morning until after hours, students can pick from multiple schools of yoga; think Hatha, Hot, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Power, Sculpt, Suksham, Meditation and Pranayama, their very own Yoga Relay, and so much more. The ground floor welcomes you with earthy tones, a reception and a cafe eleved which focuses on healthy eating. Interwoven within the space is a retail experience zone. Moving to the basement you will find four studios, two for private sessions which are equipment-heavy and include aerial yoga, and two for group classes including a soothing space for moonlight yoga. The lighting system further is worth mentioning. Studio Lotus has ensured there are no harsh, direct lights, rather indirect lighting sets the mood for every class, a different lighting system can further be employed to match the mood and energy of the classes.  “Our first consideration was always to work with locally produced materials and an Indian aesthetic that weaves into the existing space rather than impose its presence”, says Ambrish Arora, founder of Studio Lotus. Nothing short of a sanctuary, the centre exudes elegance in simplicity. The Mezzanine has two therapy rooms overlooking a green oasis along with an alfresco seating area to unwind after yoga, the first floor has a studio and the terrace has the Kriya Square.

The Ekam studio for me however was a standout with the influx of natural light, and the meditation session led by Dr Veer only pointed out how chaotic our minds are. Finding a minute to focus and control your mind with breathing techniques is just one aspect of yoga at Lifeyoga.

Adding to the experience is the menu at Cafe Eleved which focuses on healthy eating. Pizza with a base made of five grains, ragi paani puri, a hummus protein-rich platter and their rose sherbet as some of the standouts. Whether you’re starting a new, deepening your practice or exploring a new discipline, Lifeyoga holds space for all.

Address: 16/48, Malcha Marg Market in New Delhi

Website: Lifeyoga.


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