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TIZZI Has The Perfect Resort Wear Styles For Your Next Beach Holiday

Shekha Berry's new homegrown resort wear brand TIZZI is young, bold and flirtatious.

Nothing says vacation much like a relaxing beach vacation. Pristine blue waters, white sand that shimmer beneath the sun, a clear sky and palm trees add a gorgeous contrast. While that might be the silver lining, the run-up to acing your resort wear can be a tiresome task, especially in India. When it comes to finding swimwear in India that champions quality, style and design it can often leave you bewildered. Today, swimwear has created a niche market for itself in India; and along with it a rising demand for striking, bold and statement-making resort wear. However, that's when most of us a struck with a familiar hindrance - the lack of being able to find a swimwear brand which often makes us panic days before our beach vacation. Earlier, swimwear was not considered a part of your essential wardrobe, but now as fashion trends evolve, there is a large uptake in India for this segment.

But we have some good news for you. Shekha Berry, an avid traveller, was able to recognise this gap in the Indian market and sought to develop a new resort wear homegrown label - TIZZI. Emphasising comfort, fit, sustainability and fabric breathability; the ethos of the brand lies in the idea to make swimwear easy accessible.

Bold, vivacious and sassy, the brand echoes the style ethos of a younger generation. Think unparalleled designs, vibrant colours, and beautiful prints all come to life in sustainable fabrics sourced from Europe. But that's not it the true beauty of the brand is encapsulated in the collection that champion the notion of celebrating all body types to help women feel like their most beautiful self.

The debut collection Celestial Sorcery’, ‘Cosmic Ocean’ & ‘Swoon is inspired by the universe and elements of the ocean and exudes the perfect holiday vibe. Staying in sync with the shades of the beach the colour palette ranges from starlight blue to reef red and sage green, alongside solid tones. From a playful mix of bikinis, tankinis with high cut-out details, scarves, sarongs, to skirts, shorts, and trousers; the looks are fun and transitional! Each piece exudes finesse, sophistication and a sexy allure. Vibrant with a touch of romantic ruffles make this collection a feminine and young collection. TSL spoke to Shekha Berry, Founder and Creative Director, TIZZI to know the entire story behind the brand.

Photo Courtesy: TIZZI

Tell us a little about the idea behind the TIZZI. People are always looking for stylish swimwear but in India, swimwear is a relatively niche market, what made you foray into the sector?

I am a travel lover and have always been passionate about swimwear and resort wear. I brought TIZZI to life by realising the gap in the Indian market and used customer insights to allay the concerns I often had while buying swimwear. For me, comfort, a great fit, sustainability and fabric breathability were essentials in swimwear which I couldn’t find in the market. At Tizzi, we take the whole philosophy of feeling good in our own skin seriously, which reflects in everything we do. We make the most flattering designs that are great to look at, better to wear, and most importantly, make you feel beautiful. We want to be your vacay bestie and as besties do, give you a boost of confidence, make sure you have fun, and always have your back.

Photo Courtesy: TIZZI

How does TIZZI as a brand plan to be inclusive?

We cater to all body types and are committed to making everyone feel beautiful and confident in their own skin! We offer sizes from XS to XXXL i.e. UK 6 to UK 18. We also offer customisation in our designs.

Is it targeted only at the youth or do you plan to expand the reach of the brand? What does the future of the swimwear industry look like in India?

In addition to the millennials, we are also targeting women who are in their 40s. Of course, we want to expand our reach to a lot more women in smaller and metro cities across India. We plan to pop up in key cities in the coming months to showcase our debut collection and let consumers experience our product in person.

The future of the swimwear market looks promising as travel has increased within the country and internationally. Be it a beach or mountain holiday, everyone is always on the lookout for a good stylish swimsuit. And thanks to Instagram, people are excited to sport a new look for the perfect holiday story/post.


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