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Three Restaurants For A Pho-Nomenal Vietnamese Meal in Delhi

Arushi Sakhuja

While Vietnam is a new and emerging travel destination, individuals are constantly seeking new culinary experiences that bring to the capital flavours from across the nation. Vietnam food is best known for its Vietnamese coffee and Pho are prevalent dish when one is searching for authentic dishes.

Fresh, flavourful, and fragrant, if you didn't know Vietnamese cuisine is known as one of the healthiest in the world. Not only that the harmonious blend of flavours sings a sweet tune on your palate and flawlessly balances pungent, spicy, sweet, and sour flavours. From stir-fries to Vietnamese bowls, and noodle-based soups to the popular Banh Mi and rice paper rolls, if you’ve not had a satisfying Vietnamese meal yet, head on over to these spots in Delhi.

CHÔ, Mehrauli

Undoubtedly one of the best Vietnamese foods I've had in the city. CHÔ offers a delightful ambience, impeccable flavours and delicious tipples. Nestled in Mehrauli's posh Ambawatta One, the rooftop at CHÔ overlooks the Qutub Minar making it a dreamy and whimsical spot. The kitchen is helmed by Chef Vaibhav Bhargava, who is a prodigy at curating epic Vietnamese delicacies and the flavours bring out authenticity on a plate. Artistically plated the menu reimagines vibrant street food and regional favourites of the Mekong Delta and Nguyen Dynasty, housing a symphony of delightful textures and a healthy mix of traditional and avant-garde dishes.

The vast menu features everything from mock meat to sushi, gyoza's, Pho, Vietnamese bowls, Banh Mi sandwiches, hot pots, baos, dumplings, and rice paper rolls among small dishes, followed by the customary hot pots and pho (a traditional Vietnamese one-pot meal) among large dishes. The star drool drivers are Chicken Phô, Tenderloin Phô, Salads, gluten-free dumplings, root vegetable dumplings, rice paper rolls, tofu and spicy avocado bao. It also has a host of other delightful additions, such as spring rolls, and the chef's signature Vietnamese pizza with chicken chorizo or mushroom.

During my visit, I was impressed with the exceptional quality of the food without compromising on flavour or visual appeal. For me, the ambience at night overlooking the Qutub Minar is one that never gets old, while the playful interiors and smoking zone balcony with nature-inspired paintings on the wall gave me a homely vibe. Adding character to the interiors was furniture crafted with wood and cane, large green potted plants, and cane lights truly giving me an essence of Vietnamese culture. A casual dining spot on the inside, and a romantic vibe on the terrace. Some of the dishes that stood out for me were the traditional summer rolls and Nuoc Cham sauce, the YUMMIEST Banh Mi Chicken sandwich with Banh Mi bread, Phở chicken, pickled onion, spicy mayonnaise, cucumber, lettuce, Vietnamese herbs – such a generous amount of filling that too. Don't forget to try the Chicken Chili Gyoza Pan-seared dumplings served with herb garden and onion curls, Warm Cripsy Eggplant a refreshing spin on fried eggplant in chilli caramel sauce, topped with crushed peanuts and tanuki crunch. For starters, the Mock meat is divine as are the Wasabi Mushrooms, Mushroom spring rolls and Yakitori chicken.

And when a classic like Udoon Noodles is done right, it doesn't get better. To end the meal I savoured the Choux Bun filled with Water chestnut mousse flavored with Pandan fresh leaves and the Hot Toffee Pudding.


VietNom offers a refreshing take on Vietnamese cuisine and may get you closer to your Vietnamese culinary dream. With outlets in Delhi NCR and their recent one in Goa, the menu attempts to offer something fresh, something that is vibrant, eclectic and memorable. The cyber hub outlet also features a new menu, including delicacies such as the Vietnamese White Rose Dim Sums, Spicy Galangal Chicken Skewers, Char Grilled Pork Ribs, Bun Cha, and Shrimp Mousse on Sugarcane amongst other traditional Vietnamese dishes.

The menu highlights flavours both of the North and South with popular choices like pork belly spring rolls, and seafood pho. Vegans might find the plant-based meat morsels with sweet and spicy barbeque sauce and Saigon-style vegan curry intriguing. The Vietnamese chicken wings and unique take on Vietnamese coffee with the tiramisu are a must-try.

Vietnamese Càphê


Championing authentic flavours, this quaint cafe in Gurugram is just what you need for an intimate celebration to enjoy Vietnamese food. Vietnamese Càphê was born out of a passion and love for Vietnamese cuisine, coffee, and culture, this cafe uses locally sourced ingredients to recreate Trang’s family recipes. What sets it apart from other similar restaurants is the fact that it is run by a Vietnamese woman who promises to serve authentic dishes and they are freshly made. Yes, they even deliver all these scrummies to your doorsteps! When here you must try the Chicken Pho, BBQ Pork, Lemongrass Tofu Skewers and LOADS of more yummies that are worth trying. Unlike other joints, here you can get a taste of homestyle and street style Vietnamese food. The cafe even organises small get togethers for a maximum of sixteen people.


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