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7 Prettiest Perfume Bottles That Deserve A Spot On Your Dresser

When perfumes can be used as decor, it truly doesn't get better. We've all been sucked into the allure of the prettiest perfume bottles that look as good as they smell. The visual appeal instantly makes them worthy of a spot on your dresser or vanity kit. Here is a list of the newest fragrances to add to your collection.

Mont Blanc Lady Emblem

Prettiest Perfume Bottles

Mont Blanc's latest, Lady Emblem, comes with rose gold-coloured syrup that makes the gemstone-like bottle look even better. Lady Emblem is a floral fragrance embodying the essence of a rose, symbolizing elegance and femininity. The top notes feature mesmerizing sake, sparkling pink pepper, and juicy pink grapefruit. The heart combines voluptuous jasmine with bittersweet pomegranate. The dry-down offers creamy sandalwood, warm amber, and dazzling musk crystals.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Blush Elixir

Prettiest Perfume Bottles

One of our favourites in the category has to be the Carolina Herrera Good Girl Blush Elixir. The brand new Good Girl Blush Elixir is a creamy, rosy remix that’s raring and ready to go — with an impactful black-to-pink ombré design and a gleaming gold heel. It intensifies the original Good Girl Blush and features an incandescent blend of ravishing rose voluminous vanilla, and smoky, scintillating patchouli.

Bvlgari, Allegra Chill & Sole

Prettiest Perfume Bottles

While for a sweet treat, we turn to Bvlgari's Bvlgari, Allegra Chill & Sole. Blended to evoke sun-drenched Mediterranean days and enhanced by a Magnifying Essence of vibrant Neroli, Bvlgari Allegra Chill & Sole Eau de Parfum is a bold composition. The citrusy notes of lemon evoke the sun tickling the skin through the branches of a tree one lingers under. The neroli essence exudes a fresh floral fragrance of luminous sophistication. An unforgettable addition to the colourful Bvlgari Allegra family.

Nina Ricci is the NinaIllusion Eau de Parfum

Prettiest Perfume Bottles

A keepsake jewellery gift from Nina Ricci is the NinaIllusion Eau de Parfum. This colourful chypre fruity floral fragrance invites you to escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. The iconic Nina apple-shaped bottle glistens in bold iridescent pink, reflecting reality through a rose-tinted lens of enchantment. Adorned with a vibrant green satin ribbon, the bottle features a precious pink flower jewel by Hugo Kreit, designed to be worn as a choker, bracelet, or ring. The box reveals hidden surprises: a surreal illustration by artist Jeanine Brito, who collaborates with Harris Reed for Nina Ricci fashion, and a message inside for you to discover.

Nina Ricci L'Air du Temps

And don't you want to miss the Nina Ricci L'Air du Temps Limited-edition piece, with a new vision, – born from a shared sense of poetry, grace and elegance between Nina Ricci and Atelier Anne Brun. The new Air du Temps X Atelier Anne Brun reflects these luminous flowers with its musky ambery floral scent, for a warm and radiant fragrance to be treasured.

Dior's spectacularly imagined Diorissimo

If you know you love your fragrances, Dior's spectacularly imagined Diorissimo eau de toilette celebrates the lily of the valley. Mouth-blown in the Baccarat workshops, each Diorissimo bottle is a unique piece. A majestic bouquet of finely chiselled flowers – a rose, a jasmine, and a carnation, symbolizing the fragrance harmony of Muguet – overlooks each amphora. This extraordinary crown, finely gilded, has been reproduced identically to the original version designed by Christian Dior.

Marc Jacobs, Daisy Eau So Fresh

Prettiest Perfume Bottles

Fancy some florals? Then Marc Jacobs, Daisy Eau So Fresh is a failproof choice to add some summer bloom to your vanity. The whimsical and playful topper on this bottle is complementary to the contents inside. This long-lasting scent is vibrant and energizing, bursting with freshness and vivacious energy. It embodies a bold, Daisy Ever So Fresh that features juicy citrus notes, radiant rose water, and warm cashmere woods, creating an enchanting and enduring scent.


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