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Introducing SENA Z, The First AI Travel Influencer by Cenizaro Hotels & Resorts

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In a world where artificial intelligence (AI) is taking over every sphere of life and also a large chunk of human activity, it was only a matter of time before the impact would be felt in the realm of influencers. influencers. In a technologized world, AI has fueled creativity and increased productivity in various realms, however, the newest way to use AI is for influencer marketing.

In response to the growing presence of digital influencers on social platforms, Cenizaro Hotels & Resorts has introduced SENA Z., the first AI travel influencer, in collaboration with BRACAI, an AI boutique consultancy. Liza Quddoos, Director of Corporate Communications at Cenizaro Hotels & Resorts, stated, "SENA Z. is about connecting technology with our passion for exploration. She demonstrates how digital and human elements can complement each other, enriching life rather than replacing our experiences." Additionally, Finn C. Arctander, Founder of BRACAI, commented, "SENA Z.'s story is deeply rooted in family, culture, and adventure. Her existence celebrates those who are curious, aware, and brave."

As the first AI travel influencer, SENA Z. promises to bring a deep cultural narrative to the digital travel sphere. She offers her followers unique travel insights, in-depth destination exploration, and sustainable travel ideas. SENA Z.'s goal is to inspire her followers to explore the world around them by sharing knowledge in six major areas: culture, nature, adventure, sustainable travel, wellness, and curated tips on must-visit spots in each location, along with advice on how to best experience different destinations. "Sena Z provides recommendations for things to do, as well as broad travel advice, ensuring her content is both actionable and inspiring. This strategy is tailored specifically for an audience eager to travel responsibly, seek inspiration, discover new places, and gather practical tips for their upcoming journeys," added Quddoos.


Ahead The Style List spoke exclusively to Liza Quddoos, Director of Corporate Communications, Cenizaro Hotels & Resorts, and Finn Arctander, Founder and CEO, BRACAI (Sena’s developer) to gain a deeper insight.

What inspired the creation of an AI influencer and what would Sena Z add to the brand?

Cenizaro Hotels and ResortsWe were inspired by the success of AI influencers in the fashion industry, where figures like Lil Miquela and Shudu have made significant marks, collaborating with top-tier brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Calvin Klein and more recently with COACH.

These influencers have primarily focused on fashion, accessories, beauty, and lifestyle. In contrast, Sena Z is dedicated to exploring and documenting travel experiences. Her content goes beyond showcasing destinations, activities, and travel-related products and services; it also underscores the importance of sustainable travel practices. Currently active in Tunisia, Sena Z is set to highlight the country as a vibrant travel destination. Her virtual experiences aim to support local economies and preserve cultural heritage, thereby enhancing the appeal of the destinations she visits and encouraging travellers to adopt environmentally responsible tourism practices. This strategic approach not only boosts destination attractiveness but also inspires travellers to support practices that are beneficial for the environment and local communities.

SENA Z, AI Travel Influencer

How will Sena Z work in tandem with human influencers to explore travel?

Cenizaro Hotels and Resorts: Sena Z plans to collaborate with human influencers to significantly broaden her reach and enhance travel experiences. This partnership harnesses the unique strengths of both AI and human creativity, creating a symbiotic relationship that enhances content delivery. For instance, Sena Z can analyze large volumes of data to uncover travel trends, destination insights, and audience preferences, thereby equipping human influencers with valuable information to create engaging narratives. Together, they can produce superior, captivating, and highly personalised travel content that leverages the precision of AI and the relatability of human experience.

How does SENA Z. stay up-to-date with the latest travel trends and destinations? How does SENA Z. handle personalization and customization in her interactions with followers?

Cenizaro Hotels and ResortsSena Z stays updated with the latest travel trends and destinations by leveraging the extensive knowledge base of Cenizaro Hotels and Resorts, along with various AI-powered tools. These resources enable her to analyse travel data and gather insights effectively. In terms of personalisation and customisation, Sena Z prioritises authentic interactions with her followers to build meaningful relationships and enhance her digital presence. This approach not only strengthens connections with her audience but also ensures her content is highly relevant and engaging.

AI travel Influencer SENA Z
The Residence Mauritius

During your testing period, what were some of the pitfalls/ challenges you faced? What are some challenges or limitations that come with having an AI influencer, and how do you address them

BRACAI: One key challenge in using an AI influencer like Sena Z for travel is ensuring the realistic representation of exact locations. To address this, we blend human-created content with AI-generated materials to authentically depict various places. Sena Z’s virtual platform allows for some flexibility in the exactness of details, as her primary role is to inspire rather than serve as a direct guide. However, we place considerable emphasis on accurately representing destinations. This is achieved through leveraging Cenizaro’s extensive local knowledge to provide valuable tips—such as restaurant recommendations and travel itineraries—in collaboration with AI tools that enhance productivity in content creation. This strategy not only maintains authenticity but also enriches the inspirational quality of Sena Z’s content, making it a valuable resource for travellers.

SENA Z, AI Travel Influencer

Throw light on some of the advantages of an AI influencer.

BRACAI: AI influencers like Sena Z offer several advantages. First, they are more cost-effective because they eliminate the expenses associated with travel and logistics. Sena Z can simulate visits to multiple destinations, enabling the production of a wide range of content at a lower cost. Second, using an AI influencer provides complete control over content creation and messaging. This level of control extends to creative freedom, enabling the customization of content to suit various marketing needs. Third, Sena Z can interact in multiple languages, expanding her reach and engagement across different cultural and geographical audiences. This multilingual capacity ensures that content is accessible to a global audience, enhancing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns aimed at diverse consumer bases. Overall, these benefits position Sena Z not only as a cost-effective option but also as a versatile and strategic tool in global marketing.

SENA Z, AI Travel Influencer

How will AI travel influencers transform the travel industry?

Cenizaro Hotels and ResortsAI influencers like Sena Z are a relatively new phenomenon, tapping into the growing $21 billion content creator economy. As we step further into the AI era, these digital entities are set to become an important part of the industry, coexisting with their human counterparts. They will help create better content and educate audiences about travel destinations in innovative and engaging ways, making travel more accessible and appealing to a wider audience.

Looking ahead, what do you anticipate will be the future of AI influencers? Will they replace the human element or coexist in harmony?

Cenizaro Hotels and Resorts: We envision AI influencers as complements to human influencers, not as replacements. With the rise of AI in the creator economy, we anticipate that the costs of collaborations might decrease due to an increased supply of content creators. However, top-tier human influencers will likely continue to thrive, particularly those who excel in their engagements and creativity. Similarly, standout virtual creators who incorporate human-like elements into their messaging and follow a robust long-term strategy will also become increasingly relevant. This dual rise signifies a future where AI and human influencers coexist, each enhancing the industry with their unique strengths.

Follow the first AI Travel Influencer, SENA Z's adventures here: Website or Instagram


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