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The Art Of Porcelain: Lladró Opens A Flagship Store in New Delhi

By Arushi Sakhuja

Lladró is a brand that needs to introduction, rather the name speaks for itself. Originating in Spain, for the last seventy years, the brand has deployed its unparalleled know-how in the field of porcelain in its only factory in the world, in Valencia. Each piece is delicately made by sculptors and artisans in an entirely handcrafted process that combines age-old techniques with its own unmistakable palette of colours.

With a range of over 1000 colours, multiple artists who have worked over generations, the art of perfecting the cooking process and after two long years of hard work and R&D a Lladró piece comes to life. Lladro figurines are known around the world for their quality and beauty. For over fifty years they have pushed the limits of porcelain design and production. From humble beginnings in a small town in Spain, they have propelled themselves into a global company available in over 120 countries.

Over the years, Lladro is famous for changing Life into Art. The exquisite porcelain figurines in matte or glazed finishes ooze emotion and intricate detailing. While the brand is known for certain signature pieces, its horses are popular too. Various animals, made with great attention to the smallest details, seem to come to life in front of our eyes.

Being the pioneer in the art of luxury porcelain creations with an attention to detail, Lladró has completed 70 glorious years. As the brand expands its designs to offer modern and contemporary pieces with splashes of colour, the brand opened a flagship store on MG Road in New Delhi, India. The three-storey boutique, with an area of 475 square meters, makes the new boutique Lladró’s second largest store in the world.

Today the country is the third largest market for the brand in the world, and the steady increase can be majorly attributed to the last 5 years. The positive response from the Indian public since Lladró arrived in the country in 2000 has been particularly noteworthy, making India a key market for the brand, accounting for 11% of its total sales in 2022. While it’s synonymous with it pastel hues and intricate floral work detailing, the brand is introducing a newer design aesthetic to move towards being a fit for contemporary homes.

The new Lladró store in New Delhi offers a complete range of Lladró porcelain creations, from its striking large High Porcelain works to contemporary sculptures, accessories and home fragrances, as well as its lighting line. But a highlight of the store is the specially created 15-foot-long sculpture hanging in the middle of the winding staircase. Ana Rodriguez, the global CEO of Lladró explained that this is the first store in India to house such a vast curation, hence resembling international stores.

Entering the store you are greeted with a soothing pastel colour palette and modern interiors, and the enchanting fragrances from the scented candles. Each floor in the store houses a unique line which is in sync with the brand's design ethos.

The ground floor showcases the contemporary creativity of the New Concept line, including pieces designed by renowned international artists and designers like Jaime Hayon. These works are on display side by side with the magic of light in porcelain - from the iconic firefly lamps to sculptural lamps like the ‘Nightbloom’ collection by Lladró, Dutch designer Marcel Wanders, and Lladró Mask Fierce Portraits. Moving further into the store you are greeted with a virtual experience centre that transports you to the manufacturing unit in Valencia, Spain and detailed visuals of paints used for a Lladro figurine and the composition of the material further builds knowledge.

Walking up to the second floor the elegant installation on the centre of the staircase delights your senses, while the artistically placed customisable chandelier pieces decorate the walls. The second floor highlights the traditional legacy of Heritage pieces alongside lighting that is at eye level to appreciate the beauty – think floral work, elegant figurines and some of the last pieces of limited edition series in the world. This space also has a special focus on the series Spirit of India, whose pieces capture the values and attributes of Hindu iconography with a great wealth of details and colours, and the heightened expressiveness of faces. Ana Rodriguez, the global CEO for Lladró, explains that the ‘Spirit of India’ series is one of the key pieces that contributed to the rising Indian market. The positive response from the Indian public since Lladró arrived in the country in 2000 has been particularly noteworthy, making India a key market for the brand, accounting for 11% of its total sales in 2022.

Finally, the third floor exhibits the great masterpieces of the High Porcelain category alongside

a selection of New Classics. Think minimalistic designs, quirky designs inspired by Dali and a lightweight floral chandelier made with porcelain that rotates organically with the breeze.

The expansive store lets customers come to interact with the brand to take home pieces that resonate with their design sensibilities whether it’s Rocco, modern or heritage styles.


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