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Spruce Up Your Work From Home Space This Summer

spruce up your work-from-home space
Photo Courtesy: Unsplash

By Arushi Sakhuja

One thing is certain post-pandemic, remote working is here to stay! Be it larger MNCs or smaller companies, working remotely has proved to increase productivity, cut costs, and even improve efficiency; provided you know how to balance things right and stick to some discipline.

The summer is all about vibrant hues, pastel colours and sunshine. And this also calls for adding some colour to your often basic work-from-home space. One often gets caught up in the mundane tasks of everyday life and forgets to pay attention to the aesthetic of the workspace, wooden or white finishes are interspersed with a few plants for greenery and sometimes even a quirky soft board. But... it's been three years plus since the pandemic hit and if you haven't upgraded your space it can often leave you feeling bored.

Pooja Gupta founder of Idesign Studios believes in balancing the various elements to create an office lounge space. Gupta adds a unique spin on interiors by infusing the decorative element with wholly distinctive, innovative and contemporary forms. To help us switch things up a little, Pooja Gupta shares tips on how to spruce up your work-from-home space.

spruce up your work-from-home space
Photo Credits: Mr. Deepak Aagarwal

Give us a few tips and tricks to summer from your work-from-home space.

Choosing the right colours is very important. Summers are very vibrant and hot hence we need to make sure our surroundings are complimented as well and use pastel colours; maybe an off-white or a nice light, lemon yellow, which gives you a nice vibe. And one can also add plants to make the space greener and more lively. The addition of greenery is often said to be a mood lifter and one nice round office table will make a statement.

A must-have in your work from home space?

A must-have is a nice good wooden table. You can make it a lower-sitting one if you wish to sit down and work. One can add a laptop stand for support and a lot of greenery around.

How can you make your work from home space look different from the rest of your home?

You can personalize your space, and make it minimalistic and clean, which can be an extension of your home. Alternatively, you can style it with appropriate office furnishings like a brown desk and a black and white chair which look interesting when paired together. Have a clean accessory stand that can hold all your stationery and decorate your wall with frames that have motivational quotes that can push you on a dull day. And of course, add in your plants, have a beautiful music system at your workspace, and a nice Marshall speaker which will lift your mood sometimes.

spruce up your work-from-home space
Photo Credits: Mr. Deepak Aagarwal

For those looking to have a standing alternative while working, what are the best interior tips?

For a good working space, you actually need a good Wi-Fi system, good lighting in the place, and a standing alternate would be good for people on the computer but not for a longer duration. If people to work in a standing position, then of course add a nice table high table, on which you can stand and your laptop can be placed and you can work for hours. You can have a chair maybe a high-rise chair attached to it, and it can be surrounded by a lot of good plants and you can have an iced coffee machine in the centre or maybe in one of the corners where you can just pick up a cup of coffee and do your creative work.

Top colour trends for a working space and why?

Top colour trends for working space are generally White. With a lot of green plants, we can even use a nice lovely grey. It looks beautiful with nice wooden furniture and even we can have a very monochromatic theme of a single colour. Maybe, a nice pastel, neutral beige and you know, break it with nice planters of course.

Many offices nowadays have interiors in white, for some that is too boring how can you add colour?

spruce up your work-from-home space
Photo Credits: Mr. Deepak Aagarwal

So for many offices, the main colour of the interiors is white. I don't agree that white could be ever boring because white can be lifted with a lot of green plants, and white can be lifted with a lot of paintings. You can add colour, themes, and textures or you can even add coloured glasses to the area. If you're keeping the walls white. It is the easiest to add colour to the space by adding coloured glasses instead of keeping them plain and greenery. Additionally, can have a lot of posters, which have some nice motivational quotes, or maybe some sculptures around the area, which are quirky and interesting and fresh.

Are plants important in WFH space? If yes why?

Since with work from home, we are so engrossed in our screens and mobile phones that we tend to forget and look out for a breath of fresh air in nature. Hence it is very important to have planters around you while you are working and create a space where there is not only greenery but also calming energy.

Planters bring a lot of positive vibes to the place. They ought to add a lot of freshness to the place. Also gives you a lot of Positive energy in the place and it makes your productivity power better. Make sure that the place is well-lit. It is very, very important to have good light in a work-from-home space.


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