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Say I Do Under the Summer Sun: Fiorella's Guide to Exquisite Summer Wedding Decor

As summer unfolds, bringing with it balmy evenings and vibrant landscapes, the magic of summer weddings takes centre stage. There is something magical about weddings. But when they are summer wedding it makes it all the more magical. Flowers are in full bloom, days are brighter and the blue sky brings a smile to our faces. But beyond the picture-perfect venues and balmy evenings, it's the décor that truly sets the stage for this unforgettable occasion. This is also the best time to experiment with vibrant shades for your summer wedding decor.


This year, summer wedding decor embraces a vibrant spirit, with bold colour palettes, whimsical hanging installations, and a focus on natural elements taking centre stage. When it comes to wedding décor, the typical Indian aesthetic is out and punctuating each event with unexpected elements and themes is in vogue. From pop-culture weddings to sustainable narratives, immersive experiences and high-impact floral blooms, all these trends are creating a buzz.

Throwing light on high-impact florals, get ready to step into a world of floral wonderlands, where bespoke designs weave a narrative of love and joy, reflecting the unique personalities of each couple. This is what we call, the art of creating an unforgettable ambience, and Fiorella, a premier flower delivery service based in New Delhi, India, believes flowers are the heart of that art. "We see flowers as more than decorations; they are the essence of the celebration," says Fiorella's founder, Tanuj Dang. "Each bloom embodies elegance, freshness, and a touch of sophistication, reflecting not only the couple's style but also weaving a narrative of love and joy." Founded on the very idea of redefining floral luxury, Fiorella takes immense pride in crafting bespoke arrangements that resonate with each couple's unique vision.

Fiorella works hand-in-hand with wedding planners, designers, and other vendors to weave your chosen venue into a floral wonderland. "Every wedding whispers a unique story," says Dang. Fiorella's customized floral touches help narrate this story beautifully. Imagine cushions, cups, and balloons adorned with floral arrangements or personalized name tags, creating a truly bespoke and memorable experience."Our team of internationally trained designers brings your vision to life, be it a whimsical fairytale garden, a chic urban oasis, or anything your heart desires," says Dang. Recognizing that every love story unfolds differently, Fiorella’s floral designs celebrate individuality. "Each arrangement is meticulously crafted to complement the couple's personality and style," Dang emphasizes, "while incorporating some of the hottest summer wedding decor trends for 2024."

However, this summer means saying goodbye to muted tones! Summer 2024 embraces a bolder use of colour, with vibrant jewel tones and playful pops of citrus hues taking centre stage. Texture and dimension are key in 2024, – an art that Fiorella masters to perfection. Summer boasts a vibrant tapestry of blossoms, and Fiorella makes the most of it. By incorporating the freshest seasonal blooms – think peonies, lilies, and sunflowers – they guarantee arrangements that are not only visually stunning but also long-lasting. Hanging floral installations create a sense of whimsy and drama and are a major trend. "Floral chandeliers, cascading centrepieces, and whimsical flower clouds overhead add a magical atmosphere to the celebrations," Dang notes. This season you can expect to see natural elements like pampas grass, greenery accents, and interesting foliage woven into the floral designs. These elements bring depth and natural beauty to the decor believes Dang. He continues to say, "This shift towards vivid palettes adds a touch of sophistication and excitement to Indian weddings."

In 2024, Indian weddings are set to dazzle with a fusion of bold colours, dramatic installations, and personalized elements. Fiorella’s innovative approach ensures that every wedding is a unique celebration of love, brought to life with stunning floral artistry.


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