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Reka:Bar x KLAP: A delicious cocktail pop-up in New Delhi

Delhi's ever-evolving F&B scene makes it a honed destination to try new dishes and tipples. And there's yet another exciting pop-up to look forward to, Malayasia's most sustainable bar Reka:Bar is popping up at KLAP, nestled in the heart of the city -- Khan Market. While KLAP is famous for its modern cuisine and impeccable presentation, Reka: Bar is deemed as the most sustainable bar in Malaysia, where they make sure that every ingredient is used properly, nothing is discarded and anything that can be recycled, is recycled.

Reka: Bar’s co-owner and head of the mixology, Giovanni Magliaro along with their Head Bartender Joel Poon will get behind the bar to prepare some delicious tropical flavoured cocktails. Giovani and Joel have curated an exciting menu using Bombay Sapphire. Aptly named, ‘The Domino Effect, the menu showcases rich tropical flavours of pineapple, coconut, cocoa mango, and passion fruit, with the hearty botanicals of a fine Gin like Bombay Sapphire.

To know more about what to expect TSL caught up with Alekh Vardhan, Co-Founder, KLAP Delhi, Gurmehar Sethi, Chef partner and Co-Founder, and Navdeep Sethi, Co-Founder, KLAP Delhi.

What are the signature cocktails we can expect to find at the pop-up?

We have 4 signature cocktails being served up at the event, named ‘Strawberry Feels’, ‘Bubble Trouble’, ‘Mango..going..gone’ and ‘Wine Not?’. All of the cocktails are curated with recyclable materials and paired beautifully with Bacardi spirits!

What made you decide to do a pop-up with Reka Bar?

We found an affinity towards the sustainability angle of the whole operation at Reka:Bar, that resounded with our sensibilities. We at Klap aspire to go zero-waste as far as possible. We also found the menu at Reka:Bar very eclectic and inspiring, so having them over for a bar takeover is likely to be an interesting and illuminating experience for us. There is no better time than now to have a collaboration with a bar of this stature along with a spirit like Bombay Sapphire, it is almost festive season and what better way to flag it off than with a venture like this? Going forward, our vision for Klap is to be among the top-notch urban bistros and bars of Asia and this is a step in that direction!

Gin is one of the most sought-after drinks for the youth. Do you plan to expand the Gin-based menu at the bar? What are your favourite best gin-based cocktails?

Gin is the most versatile spirit that you can play around with. At Klap we have most of the gin-based cocktails on our menu. We also have a Djinns section on our menu which is based on a secret love affair of Djinns and Gins. Currently, we have 4 cocktails in that section - Neemrana, Green Park, Jamun Lady & Tamarind Affair.

Our favourite gin-based cocktails would however be, Jamun lady, which is a combination of gin, lime, sugar, Jamun shorbet and sparkling wine and Tamarind affair, which is a combination of gin, tamarind, jaggery, chipotle and lime juice (clarified with milk). Both of these are great sensory explosions and must-try.

What are the new innovations we can expect on the KLAP menu in the near future?

Since Klap itself has a very modern, chic and innovative vibe, we’re always on the lookout for new innovations and ideas. Some of the ideas that the team currently is brainstorming on include sous vide cocktails, low aperitivo cocktails, and fewer calorie cocktails. We’re also working on the concept of “Wherever Whatever cocktails” under which we’ll start special customisation and customize cocktails according to the needs of our guests.

Do you have the vision to open new branches in the city/country?

There are a lot of potential places we’re looking at and are in conversation with for expansion. We’re majorly looking at exploring international opportunities as of now. Rest assured, we can say a lot of fun things are under wraps.

When: 15th September, Thursday

Time: 8 pm onwards

Venue: KLAP Delhi!

To Book: 011 46714080 / +91 99199 18323


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