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Prateek Jain and Gautam Seth unveil collektklove, The Newest Entrant To The Home Decor Space

By Sarah Mirza

Klove Studio is a lighting brand that made a mark in India's design with its blown glass lighting installations and unconventional design. The dynamic duo behind the brand, Prateek Jain and Gautam Seth have been crafting groundbreaking sculptural objects and lighting installations with an unprecedented flair for years. Having an impressionable mark in the luxury décor space, the founders of the Klove Studio, have unveiled collektklove a flagship store which has found its way to The Dhan Mill compound in New Delhi. Their remarkable use of light in design comes with a quest to transform a space. The aesthetic at collektklove is an approachable take on their craft. A cornucopia of cultures, myths, folklore and celebrations. As expected, the store houses an array of chic glass accessories, gifting collectables, souvenirs and table lamps.

Designed by the duo themselves, the store champions the idea of quiet luxury, Japanese minimalism, and symmetry and features a custom-made 13-foot cherry blossom chandelier. The core design at collektklove encapsulates the essence of KLOVE Studio's design ethos. "We've continued to play with objects and light and explore its form in different dimensions. Each new collection reflects the evolution of this process and highlights new dimensions,"Gautam told The Style List. Adding to the description Prateek opinions, "the philosophy remains the same which comes to life at the crossroads of art and design." Dhan Mill was an apparent choice for the designer as a location for the store, due to its natural environment. “Dhan Mill allowed us to rebuild the space into a barn. We wanted to play with the space. The idea of using a large space to showcase small objects around it emanates a sense of refined luxury. The collektklove store was our way of showcasing the brand in a more natural environment.” shared Gautam. In agreement, Prateek shared, "We were on the lookout for a place which would allow us to showcase our collectibles in a unique yet emphatic way. Moreover, we wanted to play with the idea of space and create something immersive and inviting at the same time."

Walking through collektklove, the store is an artistically appealing and meditative experience with calming minimalistic interiors and whimsical glass artifacts, which are inspired by sacred mythologies.  The store is an oasis of quiet luxury. Within the 4,000-square-foot store, a sunset orange-hued wall embossed with the mythical Garuda welcomes you. Being a mythical logo, it catches the eye and features an eagle-like sun bird, called the Garuda also known as ‘Vahana’ or the vehicle of Lord Vishnu. It is a symbol of strength, vigilance and prosperity and makes for an ideal logo for Collektlove as it represents the core design values of the brand which is, exploring and recontextualising mythology, nature and indigenous cultures.

As you walk further in, an enchanting large tree-like structure captures your gaze making it the main element of the store. This sculptural masterpiece lights up the store radiating a sense of warm serenity and exuding a celebration of light expressed via the medium of hand-blown glass. The clean and crisp display comprises long steps on either side and shelves at the back which adorn artifacts that are approachable luxe, and have a mystical appeal with lights and an exquisite glass finish. Designed like a modern barn and in neutral colours, it's thatched ceiling, lime wash finish walls and flooring instantly inspire and invite. The new store leaves you spellbound. As Prateek says, "The overall shopping experience inside this modern and minimal barn with thatched ceilings is something truly refreshing," and we couldn't think of a more appropriate description.

For co-founder Prateek, each of collectibles narrates a unique tale of its own. He shared, "When you invest in a Collecktklove piece, you buy a timeless object steeped in history, folklore, mythology, subcultures and symbolism." Similarly, Gautam believes that every collectible at collkectklove evokes instant desirability and lends itself to a diverse array of settings effortlessly.

But what truly makes collektklove exceptional is that the artistry of each installation and collectible is rooted in contemporary artisan practices of local craftsman that breathes life into the label. Each product tells us a story steeped in folklore. Sighting examples, the duo said, "Each object is steeped in history, folklore, mythology, subcultures and symbolism. For instance, The Theyyam series is imbued with the spirit of Kerala's Theyyam dance, blending tradition with vibrant hues and comes in three sizes. Nandi makes for a chic collectible steeped in wisdom. A symbol of purity and justice, it sits suffused in mother-of-pearl finish in milky white hues of hand-blown glass."

The chic glass accessories, gifting collectibles, souvenirs and table lamps are priced in a democratic range (starting at INR 5000 onwards). The glass collections are called Theyyam, Nandi, Shankh and Tusker, and each collection showcases the creative exploration of hand-blown glass. Each is inspired by nature as well as symbols and rituals of myriad cultures that exist in our magnanimous mythological world.


At collektklove, a story of Indian craftsmanship seamlessly fits the world of a global nomad. The contemporary and functional collectibles handcrafted with love, celebrate the lores, forms and whimsical expressions of India in their quintessential style and lend themselves to myriad settings endlessly.

Address: The Dhanmill, 100 feet Road, Chattarpur, Delhi, India


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