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Oversized Is The New Right Size!

We can officially say that winter is here and we're pretty excited to embrace the colder days along with new trends. Looking to the street style and runway scene, there’s one micro-trend that is undeniable: the oversized trend. Long gone are those days when fitted clothes were the IT thing. This season its time to stow away your fitted ensembles and invest in oversized silhouettes. Yep, you guessed it right, fashion insiders have recently been swapping fitted silhouettes for ensembles that are anything but. From loose trousers to oversized blazers, the baggy style is back; and in a big way. Oversized has been around for a while but has reached its peak recently. Dating back to the time of boyfriend jeans, blazers and skirts - this was when it all started.

Breaking the rules of fashion and putting comfort as the first priority, sizing up is the new fad. From the runways to the streets, a large number of people are ditching body-hugging silhouettes for plus size clothing - a more hassle-free dressing aesthetic. While fitted silhouettes are still in vogue oversized dressing is here to stay owing to its versatile nature and working for all body types.

Oversized ensembles can get a little tricky to wear but if worn the right way they can look both chic and smart. Pick the right styles and you can turn the supersized look a high-impact way of dressing. When it comes to orchestrating a look balance is essential. Team an oversized blazer (ideally two sizes bigger) with the right kinds of trousers or jeans, along with smart accessories to strike a balance between casual and smart, to ensure it doesn't look shabby. Layering is essential when it comes to oversized dressing - pair your blazer with a fitted tee to add some structure to the look and throw in a vibrant hue mini bag to get eyes turning. Or choose a fashion accessory that oozes with style to instantly elevate your outfit. Throw on a cinch belt to accentuate your curves while adding a feminine touch to the overall look.

There's no denying that large sizes have made it to the right side of the hottest for autumn/winter'20. With countless outfits spotted on the catwalk with a trickle-down effect to the street style scene, the evidence is stacked in favour of this trend. So here's all the inspiration to let loose and pull of oversized dressing this season.

1. Dress Drama

Add some drama to your wardrobe as you invest in oversized dresses. Pair them with calf-length boots or sneakers for a casual appeal or place your bets on pointed pumps for a formal look.

2. XL Sleeves

XL sleeves are a great way to incorporate the oversized trend in your wardrobe. If you like to experiment, these sleeves will surely help you make a statement.

3. Bold Blazers

Bookmark this trend for the season cause it's going to be everywhere you look. A wardrobe staple, the oversized blazer is one of the most versatile pieces to nail the plus size trend.

4. Baggy Tees

Nothing beats the comfort of a baggy shirt. If you just agreed with that then splurge to your heart's content and add this to your wardrobe.

5. Boss Babe Vibes

When structure meets fluidity the result is oversized pantsuits. Channel your inner boss babes vibes as you don this ensemble for a night out with your girls or on the streets.

We can't get enough of this trend, what about you?


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