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Not-So-Basic Blogger Approved Ways To Wear The Classic White Shirt

No words are enough to describe this wardrobe staple. Often complimented for its versatile character and effortlessly chic style, the classic white shirt has won everyone's heart. Working its magic from a day in the boardroom to a blockbuster look on the red carpet, this silhouette is easy to adapt to anyone's personal style. Choose to lounge in bed in an oversized white shirt, or well-tailored silhouette for a formal affair, there's no fashion genre you can't pull of with this MVP.

Having said that, sometimes eclectic and avant-garde fashion is what one craves, so how can you style this classic piece to make it look not-so-basic? These fashion influencers give you a low-down on how to work this masterpiece in various styles.

A Traditional Twist

Take your Indian ensemble up a notch as you fuse western silhouettes with the traditional Indian drape.

Layering 101

Be it a bralette or a tube top, if your personal style is more conventional with an emphasis on less skin show, put those pieces to use. Throw them over your favourite button-down shirt for a truly unique look.

Asymmetrical Necklines

Playing around with necklines can add a fun yet understated chic look to your ensemble. A silk scarf around the neck works as a perfect finishing touch.

The Lazy One

For those days you don't wish to get out of bed, throw on an oversized shirt and belt it up. This one is for the days when you dress up to go nowhere!

Amp Up The Drama

How about a little throwback to the '70s. Pull out your ballon sleeve shirt and give it a contemporary upgrade. Team it with a slip dress for a look that leaves everyone impressed.

Wrap It Up

Let's get a little experimental. Ditch the classic knotted white shirt and try this new drape. All we can say is that this surely doesn't look like a white shirt!


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