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New Designer Store Openings In The Country

From flagship stores to first-ever boutiques, and anniversary special stores, here are all the new store openings in the country. By Arushi Sakhuja

India is a country with a booming economy despite global financial distress, and adding to the market are veteran designer stores. While e-commerce worked as a great medium of shopping during the pandemic, individuals have now made it clear that when purchasing items with a hefty pricetag and in-store visit is non-negotiable.

In the recent past, India has seen a surge of experiential stores that allow customers to interact with the product being sold through touch, feel and even the ambience. With this thought in mind, Indian designers are expanding their foothold across the nation. Here's looking at the flamboyant and magnanimous stores that have recently opened in India.


The last month saw two new openings for the city of Mumbai namely, Tarun Tahiliani's first Menswear store in Mumbai at Dubash House Ballard Estate and the Shanti Banaras Flagship store in Kalaghoda.

Payal Singhal, Kala Ghoda

To celebrate Payal Singhal's 25th Anniversary, Payal unveiled a new address in the historic neighbourhood of Kala Ghoda - PS @ KG. This will be a flagship bridal store with a larger repertoire of offerings for the India Modern bride. “Kala Ghoda is Mumbai’s coolest precinct, and has become the city’s fashion hub in addition to being the art district! I envisioned this space as an elevated and inviting experience, akin to walking into a cosy boudoir! What makes this store very close to my heart is that it is in the exact same location where I had my first design internship 27 years ago!” — Payal Singhal

The 800sq ft space is designed by Laila Malpani Design, and the launch of this new space coincides with the debut of the spring-summer collection Modern Mughals. The collection dips into the wardrobe of India’s erstwhile royalty and reimagines their ensembles with a playful, present-day twist. The stunning interiors of the 800-plus square-foot flagship store offer a touch of French influence and elegance. With a luxurious pastel pink carpet from Jaipur Rugs, the use of dove grey wall panels married to blush flutes adds an element of sophistication to the overall ambience, while the multihued neutral warm caramel, Bianco and taupe-flecked terrazzo floors with metal inlay adds a touch of whimsy. Curved archways connect different parts of the store to one another.

Tarun Tahiliani's first Menswear store in Mumbai

Tahiliani's new store is an artistic haven designed by the maestro himself. “Menswear has truly come of age in India and every day we are learning more and more about Indian men and what makes them comfortable as tastes and aesthetics evolve”, says the designer. The iconic feature of the store is ta stunning square mandala, within a square, with all the traditional Tarun Tahiliani elements infused with the extensive use of wooden panelling and a signature Jali courtyard! Additionally, the TT jali motif is omnipresent in the store making it kitsch in appearance with handmade Tarun Tahiliani carpets and the classic TT aesthetic ie a monochromatic, wooden library within a living room, that serves as a perfect foil to the menswear collection on view.

Ralph Lauren, Mumbai

American luxury brand Ralph Lauren has finally forayed into the Mumbai market with the launch of the Polo Ralph Lauren store at Phoenix Palladium, Lower Parel. With contemporary interiors with beautiful white walls and rustic oak flooring, the store design fuses elements of sports with the outdoors. Vintage-inspired display cases and tables, as well as an eclectic mix of artwork and decorative props, bring the store to life. The store aesthetic reflects the same sensibility as the Polo Ralph Lauren brand itself – one that is both classic and casual with a modern, energetic spirit.

Shanti Banaras Flagship, Kalaghoda

Shanti Banaras’ flagship store in Mumbai brings back Indian craftsmanship spread across 3800 square feet. The store opens into an art gallery featuring high ceilings and a grandstand play of Pichwai Embroidered Art on grey stucco walls. The brand's intricate and elegant logomark finds play as signature golden grills on the main door and cabinets. The main idea behind the architecture was to express the delicate beauty, precision, and character of Shanti Banaras’ story revealed in the nostalgia of an iconic building of Kala Ghoda.

Speaking on the store launch Khushi said, “Set in a heritage building, the store takes the vision of Shanti forward by celebrating some of the finest weaves from Banaras. We were born from the vision of exhibiting authentic Indian artisanship and the richness of hand-woven Banarasi silk and this store is our way of being a piece of that heritage back to Bombay.” Archana Baid adds, “Similarly, it was important that the architectural principles were inspired by the form of the classical era, emotions of romanticism and the charms of tradition which were actualized by the harmonious amalgamation of richly muted colours, opulent textures, delicate compositions, and earthy material palette.” The store creates a cohesive design language that seamlessly blends multiple elements, from contemporary glass and metal shelving to Corinthian classical pillars, decorative accent pieces, and artistically detailed gold-leafed ceilings. Full-length arched mirrors reflect the brand's refined eclecticism while the traditional carvings add a sense of history, culture, and sophistication.

New Delhi

Abhinav Mishra Flagship Store

Known for his signature mirror work, pastel hues and vibrant colours the young couturier Abhinav Mishra opened doors to a new address in the capital at Regency One in Chattarpur. A palatial store that welcomes you with large arches, open spaces and two floors, the store is a haven for those who believe more is more. At the centre of the store is buried a tree that adds a natural element while the bay windows allow in natural light for the mirror work to truly shine through. The store houses a mix of women's and menswear ranges, from bridal couture to sharara sets and more. Minimalistic interiors and hues of white and black ensure all your attention is on the clothes as soon as you enter, but the flamboyance of the couture won't fail to impress.

Mishru Delhi

We've been waiting far too long for Mishru to make a presence in Delhi and the day is finally here. Nested in Delhi's luxury address, DLF Emporio, the Mishru store offers an expanse of colour blocking and 3D detailing. Designer Swapna Anumolu's brand champions exquisite embroidery as the cornerstone of the Mishru aesthetic, and subtle embellishments accented by eye-catching hues and avant-garde silhouettes are a mainstay of the label. Unveiling the new collection ‘Form & Feeling’, which draws on nature, it is a delicate balance of femininity and tailored strength “Our design philosophy at Mishru starts with a few keywords: subtlety, lightness, and surprise. The embroidery is exceptionally detailed, typically in an unusual relief colour complements of off-white pearls and glass beads which compliments the collection's sublime colour palette”, says Swapna.

The vision revolves around the idea of an art gallery, keeping muted, the surfaces textured but muted allowing the clothing to take centre stage. One of the distinctive features of the design is the lattice partition, which adds a touch of traditional Indian architecture to the space, although in a modern cement avatar that creates a sensorial experience.

Vidhi Singhania, New Delhi

Vidhi Singhania launched a new store in Defence Colony, New Delhi on March 23, 2023, offering an exquisite collection of handwoven heirlooms that exemplify India's rich cultural heritage with a contemporary twist. This new store celebrates Vidhi Singhania's 25 years of Quiet Luxury and the store houses her new collection, named RANISA and a scintillating range of fine jewellery, curated by Vidhi Singhania. Speaking about the new store, Vidhi Singhania said, “My goal is to introduce the world to the finest textiles and crafts while preserving our traditions and techniques. We believe in meticulously crafting each piece to bring out the unique and individual characteristics of each textile. We are very enthusiastic about our new store and the opportunities it presents.”


Outhouse, Assagao, Goa

Bring fashion to India's party capital is the new Outhouse jewellery store in Assagao, Goa. The new store marks its fifth store in the country and boasts minimal interiors and an earthy colour palette. Set within a heritage Portuguese moradia or villa, the boutique at Assagao, Goa, portrays the vibrancy of the region through a soft melange of architectural styles with signature jewels. An eloquent design language blends an extravagant holiday mood with the famed collection of jewels and bags to create a lush style statement. “Travel is a main source of inspiration for us and this essence is richly captured in this new location where we bring to life a season of resort wear chic. With the green gardens coming together with a dramatic experiential space, we are excited to present a complete Outhouse-themed “reverie” to the global audience of Goa. The glam holiday spirit reigns through the year and we are down for it!”, say the founders Kaabia & Sasha Grewal.

Nestasia, Kolkata

The older you get the more fascinated you are with home decor. So for all you interior and home decor enthusiasts, Nestasia had a new address in Kolkata. Garnering a large number of loyal consumers in a short span of time the leading home decor brand has opened its first-ever offline store in Russell Street, Kolkata. Spread over 750 Sq Ft, the store offers shoppers an opportunity to explore and experience the products across categories like dining, Kitchen, Decor, Bags & Accessories, Bath, Soft Furnishing, and Stationery.

The store, designed by Aashni Kumar, reflects a modern vintage vibe, which features Georgian octagon flooring and wall panelling with a modern interpretation of traditional wainscoting. And the large bay window illuminates the store to shine light on their exquisite creations. store's fluted glass window brings in a lot of natural light and provides the store with a distinctive appeal. The store will also exclusively preview the brand’s very first luxury collection – Nest Luxe which draws on Roman conquests, victory, and honour, featuring laurel wreaths, trophy-like candle stands, sculptures, crystals, and glass globes that add brilliance and sophistication to new age homes. "My favourite aspect of designing this space was the façade and its unique location in Kolkata’s iconic Russell Street. It has been created to showcase a bas relief concept to accentuate shapes and forms onto a 2D plane, that then produces a 3D appearance," said Aashni Kumar, the designer behind Nestasia's physical store.


Gazal Gupta, Hyderabad

Words fall short to describe the majestic Gazal Gupta couture that is often complemented by the grandiosity of her stores. To celebrate the 7-year Gazal Gupta legacy the designer launched her brand’s flagship Hyderabad boutique in the city’s spirited Banjara Hills which houses the brand Couture, Pret and Demi-Couture collections. Gazal Gupta’s entire product range is displayed across two floors featuring Edwardian neoclassical vintage arches and columns.

Every architectural detail of the flagship boutique is imagined and decked up like a couture piece. Stepping into this space, you are greeted with the centrepiece of the store, the Makrana fountain which sets the tone for the rest of the stately boutique that opens into open verandahs. The store also boasts of statement interiors including interesting points like inlay floor work, a black and white facade, the signature GG wall colour, antique doors and art pieces that add to the allure of the space.

Speaking about the launch of the new store, Designer, Gazal Gupta says, “Just a few days into the city, I somehow had a sense that a flagship store here would be a natural fit. My search started from that day and today I stand with utmost gratitude in my heart seeing my dream come true in every sense. My new boutique store is an amalgamation of my love for old school classic decor supported by a sense of versatility. It is spacious, modern and handcrafted with some of the finest architectural elements.”


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