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India’s Most Luxurious Wellness Retreats To Celebrate World Yoga Day

Six months into the year of rebuild and revival, it is time to take a breather from the hustle and bustle. June 21, marks the International Day of Yoga and it's undoubtedly the perfect reason to skip the crowd and find some peace, tranquillity and solitude. On this World Yoga day, give yourself the gift of wellness by taking off to a retreat where you can feel the gushing winds and luxurious comforts at their best. Here is a list of the most luxurious wellness retreats in India for you to choose from.

Ananda In the Himalayas, Uttarakhand

Located at the foothills of the Himalayas, this location is spread over 100 acres of the Maharaja’s Palace Estate fuelled by traditional wellness experiences. The luxurious resort embodies the traditional Ayurveda and yoga practices alongside organic cuisines to create a mind and body wellness cycle. A typical day at the retreat incorporates a traditional session of Hatha yoga preparing participants for deeper practices.

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Kavas, Tamil Nadu

Hidden in the wellness town of Auroville, the serene property of Kavas hosts a‘ Yoga with John’ session in their serene studio. This is a one-of-a-kind spot is nestled in the lap of the former French colony offering a complete wellness experience to all travellers. The rooms here are naturally lit incorporating a truly connecting experience to nature. For those looking for a short-term, wellness escape, Kavas hosts a yoga school perfect for a calming and relaxing session.

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SwaSwara, Karnataka

The Konkan coast has much to offer with regards to picturesque valleys, plush greens, hidden routes and disconnected getaways. Giving you an opportunity to take in the fresh air in this region, the CGH Earth Experience Hotel of SwaSwara celebrates simplicity and purity through yoga. The wellness property offers a private consultation with a yoga instructor and also group yoga sessions. It mainly thrives on sustainable living practices like its own rainwater harvesting system.

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Atmantan, Maharashtra

The ‘Journey Through Yoga’ at Atmantan incorporates traditional principles of Ayurveda with a consultation session to cater to your individual need. A celebrity favourite, this resort offers a yoga retreat for everyone from beginners to advanced participants. You can indulge in the mind and body rejuvenating yoga sessions with experts and a list of visiting practitioners. For fresh visitors, the sample day plan offered by the retreat helps understand what a day at the property with yoga sessions and soul food looks like.

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Naad Wellness, Haryana

This wellness retreat thrives on three beliefs, particularly ayurveda, yoga and naturopathy. Amongst the endless list of curated therapies and experiences, Naad Wellness strongly believes in the age-old practices of asanas or movement therapy. You can get expert advice from the yoga and naturopathy junior consultant Dr. Prasanna Sahoo who personally oversees the yoga session and is a yogini herself.

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Carnoustie Ayurveda and Wellness Resort, Kerala

The luxurious resort offers a calming yoga therapy that amalgamates physical, mental and spiritual well-being to achieve a healthy state. The two types of yoga practised at this retreat are ashtanga yoga and therapeutic yoga. Focused on the eight yogic limbs, the program here allows you to practice this wellness activity without any interruptions from the outside world. Various types of poses are recommended to address your individual issues here.

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