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How to Incorporate Art and Decorative Objects in Your Home

Ajay Arya, Founder & Interior Designer, A Square Designs

In the realm of interior design, the synthesis of art and decorative objects serve as the quintessential essence, adding depth, personality, and a unique charm to any living space. Whether you reside in a cosy apartment or a sprawling mansion, the incorporation of these elements holds the transformative power to turn your dwelling into a sanctuary of aesthetic delight, a place where every corner whispers stories and every wall reflects your unique spirit.

Beginning with vases and bowls, often underestimated yet possessing an unparalleled capacity to breathe life and vitality into a room. Embrace vessels of varied shapes, sizes, colours, and textures to ignite visual intrigue. Explore diverse materials like glass, ceramic, or metals to harmonise with your decor scheme. Fill them with fresh blooms, verdant branches, or captivating stones to infuse the spirit of nature into your space.

Candles and candleholders don’t just serve the purpose of illumination, they are exquisite pieces that elevate the aesthetic of a space to new heights. Invest in impeccably crafted holders that serve as captivating accents even when the flames are dormant. Cluster them on mantels, shelves, or coffee tables to cocoon your surroundings in a warm and inviting glow, particularly during twilight or intimate gatherings.

Mirrors and picture frames emerge as versatile embellishments, combining functionality with elegance seamlessly. Select mirrors boast distinctive frames to serve as captivating focal points, enriching the room effortlessly. Experiment with a varied range of shapes and sizes to orchestrate a symphony of visual dynamics. As for picture frames, let cherished memories and artistic inclinations guide your curation, ensuring seamless integration with your overarching decor narrative.

Statues and figurines, with their graceful presence, bestow upon your home not just a touch, but a profound sense of sophistication and cultural allure. Whether you opt for classical sculptures steeped in history or avant-garde pieces pushing the boundaries of contemporary art, they serve as more than mere decorative elements – they become catalysts for conversation and focal points of admiration. Strategic placement is key to maximising the impact of these artful additions. Positioning them thoughtfully on pedestals, consoles, or mantels, allows them to command attention with their elegance and charm. By doing so, you can infuse an unmistakable air of refinement into your living space, creating an ambiance that resonates with taste and cultural appreciation.

In the selection of art pieces, allow inspiration to guide your choices. Embrace statement pieces that resonate with your essence and make a resounding declaration within your home. Experiment with hues to orchestrate contrasts that captivate the gaze and lead it towards focal points of interest. Consider the harmonious arrangement of smaller objects to coalesce into a grand visual symphony, imbuing your space with depth and dimension.

Furthermore, harness the power of lighting to accentuate specific objects or areas, magnifying their visual allure. Whether through the strategic placement of spotlights, accent lamps, or the embrace of natural light, illumination can transform ambiance and unveil the inherent beauty of your chosen decor elements.

Lastly, adding tapestries and fabric hangings is a beautiful way to incorporate a pop of colour and rich tones into your decor repertoire. Adorn your walls with these statement pieces or utilise them to infuse texture and colour into your space, seamlessly complementing your existing palette and thematic narrative.

To sum this up, the artful incorporation of decorative objects is a journey of self-expression and creativity, allowing you to curate living spaces that reflect your unique personality and style. 


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