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How Does Dressing Affect Your Mood?

These uncertain times can be tough for a lot of you, it can cause you to feel lazy, lethargic and even a little dull. One way to fight this feeling is by dressing right. The way you dress has a direct impact on your mood. It affects your emotions - can help you conceal them or improve them- and it can instantly uplift your mood. Not only are what you wear, but you become what you wear. The more you like your appearance, the more confident you can be.

While staying home many of us resort to our PJs and overlook the power of dressing. It’s important to understand what you’re subjecting your mind to. For example, your mind knows that when you’re in your PJs it's a relaxed day, you can sit back and relax - so opting for pyjamas while staying home or working from home is NOT a good idea. During tough times we tend to choose boring and plain clothing and give no importance to happy clothes. Happy clothes” are typically well-fitted and well-cut with bright, strong colours.

Dressing well can cheer you up. More often than not, we dress how we’d like to feel or how we’d like others to think we’re feeling. If you aren’t feeling great, then wear an outfit that would brighten up your mood. Looking at yourselves in the mirror it will make us smile. It may remind you of compliments you’ve got before or just make you feel like you're having a moment of your own. Use the idea of creating your own DIY slogan tees, brighter colours, playful prints, experimenting with new silhouettes and cuts, to uplift your mood.

The way you dress is not only a way of expressing yourself but every pieces and colour says something. Shimmer, sequins and bling will instantly remind you of a party, vertical stripes and sharply tailored pieces are associated with formal attires but say you’re in a youthful and playful mood you’ll opt for more colours and prints like florals. If you’re in a serious mood a dark colour palette is what you will pick out. Skater dresses are more feminine and give a romantic, flirty vibe, and oversized tee shirt dresses or baggy silhouettes are perfect for a casual, relaxed day.

Here are a few ways in which dressing can positively impact your mood.

1. Dressing can make you feel powerful

A tie is a symbol of power or a structured suit, blazer or trousers also spells out power. Pastel shades are ideal for summer - think stripes, polka dots.

2. When you get dressed you can think better

If you’re in a corporate job, shirts might make it easier for creatives a vibrant colour or print can get the creative juice flowing.

3. Dressing can make you focus better

When you're not in your pyjamas you can focus better. Mentally you know you’re prepared for a day at work or ready to go out.

4. Motivate you to workout

If you’re looking for motivation to work out and can’t find it within go get dressed in workout gear and see the effect on your mood. Clothing is also a great way to get you motivated to lose weight - if your skinny jeans are fitting you then it will urge you to workout.

5. Trying a new trend

If you're a fashion lover then trying a new trend could be one way to uplift your spirits - some of the biggest summer 2020 trends include - puffy sleeves, neon hues, shorts suits, waistcoats, cut-out detailing, tropical prints, sheer fabric and shirts.

So this week I urge you all the pick out any day and get dressed. This impacts your self-esteem and helps to shift from a negative to a positive perspective. See how it instantly uplifts your mood and makes you feel a lot more confident. Don’t forget that even putting on a red lip colour can instantly uplift your mood, and also, set your hair cause we all know how we feel on a good hair day! Dress up for work from home day and see how it impacts your productivity. And always remember, getting dressed is not only to go out for an occasion but for yourself and to feel good.

And that is the power of fashion.


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