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Here's How You Can Add The Colour Of The Year 2020 To Your Wardrobe!

Every new year brings with it a colour of the season that will soon be spotted everywhere you look. As we ring in a new era its time to say hello to a new hue. Just like every year, Pantone has finally revealed the colour of the year 2020 - Classic Blue - a timeless and enduring blue hue elegant in its simplicity. The deep blue shade is at once calming, comfortable and relatable making it versatile and easy to incorporate into your wardrobe, this is going to be a shade that will be omnipresent in 2020.

A familiar yet calming shade of azure, this year we're going to be incredibly blue. The shade is what most people refer to as royal or cobalt blue. Fashion had seen the decline of cobalt blue in the last few years as neutrals and pastel shades reigned supreme, but this year is all about reviving this blue hue.

Think types of denim, ball gowns, kurta sets - this shade can easily be added to your closet be it in Indian wear of western wear. On the contrary, if you like to keep things muted, don the colour of the year in the form of an accessory - sunnies, a handbag or even footwear. This shade pairs well with almost every colour present in your wardrobe.

While the colour of the season may have been picked out now, celebrities have been working with the colour throughout the year. We've rounded up some of the best celebrity ensembles to give you all the fashion inspiration you need.

What do you think of the colour of the year 2020?


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