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Festive Season Home Decor Accents to Light Up Your Home

Arushi Sakhuja

Our social calendars are filled with events, and the city is brimming with joy as the festive cheer falls upon us. While the season is synonymous with house cleaning, the fun of Diwali melas, festive shopping and the culture of gift giving, above all is the positive aura of the auspicious occasion. Clothing and festive fashion do steal the limelight, but dressing your home for the festivities is a vibe in itself. Dimly lit corners, artistic decor pieces, lanterns, diyas and of course candle holders are just some of the pieces to stock up on. As we approach the season with zest, zeal and enthusiasm, here's a look back at the best home decor accents for the festive season.

Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer recently opened its 100th Store in India, at the bustling Linking Road, Santacruz and the new 22,000 sq feet address is a one-stop-shop for clothing, accessories, home and beauty products. We recommend the delicate dragonfly embroidered motif cushion, that will bring a touch of magic to your interior. The velvet cover feels soft and will add texture to your space. It's finished with a sparkly rope trim.

Le Creuset India

Cook in the best utensils this season with Le Creuset India vibrant range of serveware, bakeware, kitchen essentials, and bar accessories. These enamelled cast iron and stoneware products not only promise elegance but also come with a lifetime warranty, and add life (and colour) to your kitchen.


Exuding luxury and contemporary opulence, Styliving's ethereal charm of Nazaakat, features an exquisite array of crystal decorative pieces and a capsule collection of Diwali décor. We've picked the Hiran Circular set that is the perfect addition to your grazing table or even for home decor.


The festive season means you have to play host many a time. Serve in style this Diwali with Ellementry's range of wooden cheese platters and cake stands. From mithais to mouth-watering snacks, it just looks a lot more appetising.

Kika Tableware

For those seeking the perfect blend of contemporary style and festive tradition this Diwali, Kika Tableware is just what you need. Crafted from sleek bone china, this collection features an array of plates, bowls, cutlery, and serveware, adorned with delicate 24-karat gold accents. Invest in these dining wear staples to add to the festivities of your home. All we can say is, that opulence is truly served!

Bay Window

With modern and cutting-edge designs, Bay Window's range of lighting will illuminate and enhance your home in style. With a fusion of materials, colour and melding functionality with style, each piece is designed to turn your living space into a stylish haven of comfort.


Opulin By Sources Unlimited

Barware but make it fancy! Yes, everything at this time of the year is about opulent picks and Opulin has the right answer to all your home decor wishes. Think soft furnishings, table decor, vases statement home decor pieces, fragrance candles and exquisite serve ware. The vibrant assortment of home essentials encapsulates the essence of the festival. This pick from Jonathan Adler available at Opulin doubles up as a statement home decor piece.


Reimagine your festive tables with Rosha’s luxury lights. Known for its stunning Festive Lamps the unique shapes and minimalist design make them a true embodiment of contemporary luxury. Portable, wireless and fuss-free they are a contemporary take on candlelight dinners and a practical approach to party table setups. So add an elegant touch to your festive table.

Vvyom By Shuchita

Bring finesse and elan to your home with Diwali pick from vVyom By Shuchita. Be it the opulent brass candle stands or vibrant table cutlery and linen; the bespoke range of bed linens, including quilts, cushions, bed sheets and dohars made using responsibly sourced cotton, silk and faux fur and exquisite gift sets, vVyom By Shuchita is sure to elevate your home decor and add a touch of sophistication to celebrations.


The allure and the warmth of dancing flames have a charm of their own and as the temperatures dip, let Kaniry's lanterns turn up the heat of your home. The accurate definition of finesse and cosy, the intricately designed lanterns create an enchanting ambiance in your outdoor spaces, taking any occasion to a whole new level. So transform your garden into a haven of warmth and charm, where the mundane turns into the extraordinary.


The aura and allure of regal-looking lamps are deniable. With art nouveau-inspired design, these double up as artefacst to illuminate cosy corners of your home and even the bustling living room for diwali parties. So why not splurge on an opulent pair of table lamps to add to your space this diwali? Luxaddi has the perfect choices for all homes, be it modern or contemporary.

Escape by Creatomy

Candle holders in versatile hues are quintessential for the festive season, as the season approaches, the Nura Totems Collection is just the right addition to your interior decor. These captivating pieces, with their geometric allure and rich black wood stain finish, will undoubtedly transform your living space into a haven of sophistication and comfort. Place them as decor pieces, illuminate the space with softly lit candles or place them on the dining table for an exclusive allure, no matter what you will not be disappointed.


Diwali, the Festival of Lights, holds a special place in the hearts of millions of people around the world. Light up your home with Borosil’s Range of Diyas or amp up your dinning space with new crockery additions.

Living Spaces

Looking to splurge a little? Then the addition of a new coffee table to your living room is a no-brainer. The Dila Coffee Table: Designed with the vision of delivering a piece that exudes modern luxury, this remarkable coffee table incorporates machine tooling, metal inserts, and a glass top. It stands as a striking statement piece, perfect for enhancing the elegance of any luxury interior.


Bring an ode of Indian heritage to your home with myTrident's Sanskriti Collection. With a range of soft furnishing, the brand revitalizes and preserves traditional artisanal textiles from across the country, drawing inspiration from different Indian regions. The collection reimagines folk designs and weaves like block printing and Pichwai from Rajasthan, Ikkat from Odisha, Kanni from Kashmir, Kantha and Jamdani from West Bengal. From premium bedsheets, comforters and towels, celebrate the very essence of our heritage this diwali.

H&M Home

It might not be luxury, but the styles are definitely luxurious at their core. Modern and aesthetic, from home decor vases and wall hangings to new crockery, cutlery and an array of linen and soft furnishing, this Diwali H&M Home will ring in the festive spirit to your home. We've picked the gold polished candle holder that exudes elegance and finesse.

Fabricare by D’Décor

Looking to add some colour and warmth to your home this Diwali, why not turn to regal drapes and colours this season? Fabricare by D’Décor has the perfect hues for some much-needed colour and cosiness. Highlighting the allure of velvet; it's luxurious and lightweight drapery is designed to captivate. Whether it's hung gracefully in a grand hall or the intimate setting of a bedroom, its touch and sheen evoke pure indulgence.


When it comes to investment and collector home decor pieces, Lladró's power is undeniable. The elegance of the typical Lladrò figurine finds itself in the homes of many, and why not add further to the collection? This festive season, illuminate your home with a special piece from The Spirit of India collection, the Firefly Lamp or Lord Ganesha & Goddess Lakshmi Dome table lamp to add some light and warmth to your home.

What's more? The brand is offering unique gift packaging in collaboration with renowned Indian décor brand, Rani Pink. The art of gifting yourself a present gets elevated with designs representing the mosaic pattern, a beautiful play on art deco, inspired by the magnificent jaalis of India in a pastel peach and gold colour palette.


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