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BIRKENSTOCK's new Madrid, Arizona and Gizeh anniversary limited capsule collection

When it comes to summer footwear, nothing gets more comfortable than a pair of classic Birkenstocks! Making it a foray into the world back in 1774, this recognisable style that a footbed that will last you for years. And last year, the brand even added a pair of waterproof Birkenstocks to help sail through the torrential rainy season. While it takes a bit of time (and pain) for the slide-on to adapt to your foot, once well-adjusted, it's rare that you'd want to kick them off. In fact, they will most likely be your go-to's inside and outside the house. The BIRKENSTOCK footbed is inspired by a natural footprint in the sand and therefore simulates walking on a soft, yielding surface.

Bringing to life the elements of unique design, style and comfort, BIRKENSTOCK celebrates the anniversaries of three of its most successful styles – Madrid, Arizona and Gizeh. Marking its 60th, 50th & 40th anniversaries respectively, BIRKENSTOCK commemorates its successful models with a limited capsule collection. Comfortable, functional and fashionable, paying homage to its three iconic styles, the limited capsule collection celebrates versatile designs.

1963: BIRKENSTOCK Madrid

Minimal and simplistic in design, the Madrid was the first silhouette crafted by the brand and has remained a timeless design. Inspired by the unembellished, functional aesthetic of brutalist architecture and characterized by clear lines and visible natural materials, the shoe drew on design language which was unconventional at the time. The minimalistic design served as a unisex model.

1973: BIRKENSTOCK Arizona

10 years later, the brand introduced yet another cult style, Arizona, and till today it's a favourite for many including myself. Being easy to slip into the style is effortless and can be paired with anything under the sun. From an airport look to a day completing chores and a summer soiree. The sandal even made its way onto the runway in New York in the year 1993.


Another decade later came a bold and unique design the Gizeh also known as the first thong which took Karl Birkenstock three years to develop. Eventually, with time, this was the first collection to include five different colours including shades of silver and gold as well as making this a formal choice for many.

To celebrate these three iconic styles that to date, BIRKENSTOCKs bestsellers deserve a special collection. The newly launched anniversary special limited capsule collection by BIRKENSTOCK caters to an array of bold and versatile styles - Madrid, Arizona and Gizeh in a total of eight colours. The collection will be available exclusively at & BIRKENSTOCK at the DLF Promenade, Delhi from May,11, 2023.


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