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Anita Dongre's New Collection Is An Ode To Small, Close-Knit Weddings

When it comes to Indian wear, Anita Dongre is amongst the most prominent designers coveted for her wedding couture. Inspired by Rajasthan’s rich heritage, her designs create wedding fairy tales for the contemporary bride and groom. Anita’s collections showcase Indian aesthetics with a modern sensibility, and her latest collection 'Love Song' carries forward the ideology.

Given the current situation, Indian weddings have been scaled down. Adapting to the new trend of small, intimate weddings that existed a few decades ago, Dongre's collection is an ode to sustainable & cosy weddings with familial warmth. The journey of this collection began with a trip to the past. Reimagining the celebrations of yesteryears, with the warmth of familial bonds, in the context of consciousness.

On speaking to the designer regarding the ideology and inspiration behind the collection she shared, "Love Song is an ode to my childhood days when weddings were small, close-knit family affairs. The preparations that began weeks earlier, cosying up in circles, the accompanying tunes and melodies, and the never-ending chatter of loved ones laughing and bonding. Something fresh yet familiar, new yet nostalgic."

Reds, creams, pinks and yellows define the colour story for the collection, to bring alive feelings of love, joy and nostalgia. Featuring traditional Indian lehengas with plunging necklines, off-shoulder blouses and saris for the contemporary bride that are complimented perfectly by sherwanis for the groom. Decorated using a method of intricate hand-detailing, every ensemble is brought to life. The deep colour tones and luxurious fabrics including silk and velvet make the line up magnificent and royal.

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As we transport you into the world of small weddings with warmth, here's a poetry piece that perfectly sums up the feel of new weddings for Anita Dongre.

"Once upon a time,

Weddings were a close-knit affair.

Where the air was engulfed with the sounds of spoons thrumming against tablas

Rhythmically paired with melodies sung by familiar voices.

Where family recipes determined the menu and family elders determined the arrangements,

And we located venues from memories not maps.

Where the stylists were our cousins and masis and sometimes our choreographers too.

Where joy was measured not by how many showed up but by how many stayed back

Singing and dancing well into the night…

Once upon a time weddings were just as close as family dinners,

Let’s revisit that familiarity once again."


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