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Say Hello TO A Super-Cute Sleepwear Collab: Dandelion X BOBO Calcutta

We have found you just what you need to perk yourself up on cold winter mornings. Snuggle into your warm quilts in immense style as Samyukta Nair’s Dandelion and Ayushman Mitra’s BOBO Calcutta come together with ‘The Lunatic, The Lover, and The Poet’, to champion the concept of self-love. A collaborative collection of chic and comfortable nightwear that draws inspiration from the Shakespeare classic, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. 

By celebrating the many avatars we don each day, Samyukta Nair's Dandelion is redefining sleepwear in India. The quirky collection is entirely handmade and all cotton with distinctive prints in playful colours bringing out the act of joyful defiance. Brought to life by Samyukta and Ayushman, two self-proclaimed romantics, the idea of love is central to this collection.

Speaking about the collection Ayushman Mitra, of BOBO Calcutta, says, “This collaboration above all celebrates the 'dreamer’- the very idea of submerging oneself in the whimsical fantasies of our imagination. Taking inspiration from Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' we created original artworks that were developed into prints that feature in the collection. Lovers perched on floating clouds, eyes laden with fresh bloom, sipping sweet nectar amidst changing hues of the autumn skies.” 

Samyukta Nair further adds, “We believe sleeping soundly is a thing of beauty- the ultimate act of self-love in a world that champions hustle, and demonizes taking time off to re-energize. A celebration of that deeply personal, unpretentious quiet time, is at the very core of Dandelion and  what makes this collection, in particular, such a beautiful collaboration.”

Cute, comfortable and fashionable the collection is now available online, so say hello to your new bed time buddies!


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