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59 Best Fashion Looks From Emily In Paris That Are Worth Every Bit Of The Hype!

Living up to the fashion hype steered in season 1, here are some of the best looks for Emily In Paris season deux.

Bonjour Emily In Paris fans! Emily aka, Lily Collins, stayed in Paris longer than we expected, and we are not disappointed. The brand new season premiered on the 22nd of December 2022, and most of us binge-watched during the holiday season. And now that the season is watched by most of us, as we eagerly wait for season 3, let's take out a few minutes to appreciate the couture in this season.

While the whirlwind of drama and romance continues in the life of Emily Cooper in Season 2, so does the high fashion quotient. Oozing elegance, finesse and charm, the show lived up to the buzz around fashion that it steered up in season in season 1. From Sylvie's chic officewear looks to Emily's love for sartorial fashion choices (and more is more), Camillie's Parisian style of dressing that heroes simplicity, comfort and style; Madeline's maternity fashion and

Mindy's quirk aesthetic; there's no dearth of fashion inspiration no matter what your preference. Here's looking at SOME (yes, just a few) of the best fashion looks from Emily's extended stay at Savoir. What are you waiting for? Scroll on, because the world is your personal runway!

Chic And Poised

Love For Kitsch

More Is More

A Parisian Twist

Take Note Gentlemen



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