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10 Exquisite Cake Bakers To Follow For A Visual Treat

Take a virtual tour of the impeccable creations by these cake bakers around the world.

Be it a birthday or a special occasion, cakes are a major part of the celebration, and finding an extravagant cake that looks and tastes good is key. Cause, let's admit it what's a celebration without cutting a cake and digging into a slice of sheer happiness? The modern cake as we know it was invented in Europe during the 19th century and quickly became a symbol of luxury. With expensive ingredients and exquisite designs, today a cake is one of the ultimate symbols of a luxurious celebration. And the more photogenic, the better.

Bakers across the globe are using cakes as a canvas. And when art and food come together magic is created. With every passing year the detailing gets more exquisite, opulent, intricate and grand, as the cakes get taller the techniques showcased leave us awe-struck. We've rounded up a list of the most gorgeous cakes (that are almost too pretty to cut) that are sure to be a visual treat!

1. Tortik Annushka

The champion of surrealistic cakes is none other than Tortik Annushka. Combining futuristic elements with elegance, every cake is a masterpiece in itself. The cakes are not only a delicious treat but also a visual dream. Transporting you to a fairy tale full of beautiful cakes, delicacy, finesse and expert skill are reflected in every design.

2. Madison Lee

Madison Lee is one of the world’s most well-known cake artists and sugar flower experts. With an eye for detailing, she creates cakes that look as pretty as a painting. Her USP? She will never do the same thing twice, so every creation is different from the other. While it takes 6 months to a year for the planning, design and execution, it’s surely worth the wait.

3. Emily Lael Aumiller, Lael Cake

Brooklyn’s Lael Cake is the one-stop shop for all those of you who need a vegan, dairy or gluten free cake (without compromising on the looks). Allowing their creativity to flow, the designs are minimalistic and elegant.

4. Maggie Austin

Maggie Austin’s cakes are literally fit for a queen. An earthy colour palette, and mastery in 3D decorations - especially the look of multi-tiered feathers from and ones that look like stained glass - make her cakes high in demand. With a high-profile Hollywood clientele, everyone from the former First Lady Michelle Obama (who commissioned a Christmas cake) to the planners of runway shows for Paris Fashion Week have been her clients.

5. Rosalind Miller

London based cake studio, Rosalind Miller, is a favourite at Harrods. She is known to create the perfect edible finishing touch for your wedding day. Elegant designs with finesse define her creations.

6. Cupplets

They attract all the modern brides with their undying love for creativity. Allowing their imagination to run wild, Singapore’s Cupplets bakery produces some of the most creative, bohemian wedding cakes.

7. Melanie Secciani

Having a dream wedding in Tuscany? Then Melanie will surely sweep you off your feet with her breath-taking cake designs. The artist describes her wedding cakes as creating an everlasting memory set against the beautiful backdrop of a Tuscany sunset, celebrating the couple’s special day.

8. Peggy Porschen

She is the go-to baker for all the rich and famous in Britain. From Kate Moss, to Elton John and Stella McCartney, she’s worked with all the top Hollywood celebrities, so there’s got to be something special about her majestic cakes (and a long waiting list).

9. Sam Godfrey

Edible artwork – The ideal phrase for Godfrey’s impeccable cakes. Known for his intense chocolate cakes, layered with house-made fleur de sel caramel and luscious chocolate truffle, he offers delectable mouth-watering cakes. A baker to celebrities like Heidi Klum and Christina Aguilera, these cakes are all things fancy.

10. Jacinta Yu

With a background in fashion, it’s no surprise that she is the queen in the decorating world. With impressive creations, the creations will make anyone burst into tear. Her bakery in Hong Kong, Complete Deelite has created fantastical masterpieces for luxury brands like Tiffany and Manolo Blahnik.

With this exquisite range of cakes, we have been transported into a dreamy paradise of cakes. Are you salivating yet? (*wink*)


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