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Gucci Launches A Luxury Collector's Cocktail

Gucci SIP, say hello to Gucci's cocktail on the go, Elisir d’Elicriso created by mixology maestro Giorgio Bargiani.

Earlier this year luxury house Gucci forayed into the world of F&B launching an all-day cafè and cocktail bar. Situated in Florence’s Piazza della Signoria, the Gucci Giardino 25 café is inspired by the ephemeral and delicate beauty of flowers while infusing the fashion house’s signature opulence in the cafe’s designs. A casual interplay of café and cocktail bar. The location was designed by Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele and in full Gucci style: the peacock blue leather sofas radiate a sense of luxury.

Giardino 25’s dual identity as a place to enjoy intimate daytime interludes and livelier after-hours happenings is reflected in its all-day menu, whose assorted offerings are prepared by an on-site kitchen that reverently embraces seasonality while drawing creativity from the Tuscan countryside.

At the helm is the Umbria-born Martina Bonci, who brings a distinctive line-up of balanced, colourful cocktails including the ‘Mémoire di Negroni’ – a tribute to the more than century-old Italian Negroni said to have originated in Florence – characterized by creative inventiveness and high-quality ingredients, reflecting the core values of the House.

Now the luxury brand has introduced a Gucci cocktail on the go! A luxury collector’s cocktail, the Elisir d’Elicriso, is a collectable pre-mixed cocktail developed by mixology maestro Giorgio Bargiani for Florence’s Gucci Giardino 25 café and cocktail bar.

Presented in an elegant glass bottle, the pretty pink-hued concoction features a blend of botanicals, Mediterranean herbs, vetiver, and essential oil obtained from helichrysum italicum — a plant known for its earthy, spicy scent. The cocktail derives its name from the latter, which translates to “l’elicriso italiano” in Italian. According to Gucci, the herbaceous libation is meant to “evoke the lush gardens of Tuscany” and is “complex yet light and sweet on the palate”.

Mixologist Giorgio Bargiani shared a post on Instagram spilling the beans on the new cocktail. "Elisir d’Elicriso, the first collector’s cocktail of the House, is inspired by the latest addition to Florence’s Gucci Garden, Gucci Giardino 25, to hero its characteristic sense of wonder. The cocktail draws from the aromas of the idyllic Tuscan gardens and expands to faraway worlds."

He further recommended several ways to savour the drink "An elegant and romantic blend ready to be served as a Martini style cocktail - 1757 Vermouth di Torino Extra Dry, Tanqueray No. Ten Gin, Liquore no.4 Podere Santa Bianca, Muyu Vetiver Gris liqueur, White Balsamic Vinegar, Podere Santa Bianca Helichrysum Essential Oil, Guidalberto Tenuta San Guido – or as three further expressions: on the rocks, as a Spritz style drink with champagne top, or as a refreshing highball with tonic top."

The Elisir d’Elicriso is now on the menu at Gucci Giardano 25, and can be purchased in its bottled form at the bar or online for €140. The cocktail is unfortunately only available within Italy at the moment.


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