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Gauri Tandon Shares The Vision Behind Isharya's New Pret Line, I For Isharya

Founded by sister-in-laws Gauri and Radhika Tandon, Isharya has carved a niche for itself in the world of luxury jewellery by seamlessly blending contemporary design with traditional Indian craftsmanship. Renowned for its bold aesthetics, meticulous detailing, and use of high-quality materials, Isharya has become a go-to brand for fashion enthusiasts and celebrities alike. Building on their legacy of innovation and elegance, Isharya introduces I for Isharya, an exciting new line tailored for the trendsetting, younger generation and represents a fresh, accessible take on luxury jewellery. The collection is a vibrant departure from traditional jewellery, featuring dynamic designs plated with luxurious 18-karat gold and crafted from an array of lively materials. The Style List spoke to Gauri Tandon, CoFounder Isharya, to know more about the recent launch and the future plans.

Why did Isharya decide to introduce a pret line, and how does it complement their existing jewellery offerings?

I For Isharya was created to cater to a younger audience keeping in mind trends and impulsive buying behaviours. The essence of Isharya is retained but we’ve played around with the proportions and scale of the pieces as well as the materials used for them.  

Could you elaborate on the price points of the 'I for Isharya' collection and how they were determined?

We did a consumer insight study where we showed our customers jewellery samples at different price points, noted down their reactions, and then decided on what would be an appropriate price range. Our pret jewellery starts at INR 1,999/- and goes up to INR 5,999/- 

How does 'I for Isharya' differ from Isharya's other jewellery lines in terms of design aesthetic and target audience? 

I for Isharya is our Pret line and it is for the next-generation customer while Isharya is for the seasoned customer. That said, everyone can wear I For Isharya. If you look at the price points for I For Isharya, we’ve tried to make them much more accessible than our main line so that everyone can own a little bit of Isharya magic – no matter the age. 

Can you share more about the debut assortment of the 'I for Isharya' collection and how it encourages playful layering? 

Our tagline for I For Isharya is ‘Hack Your Stack’ which essentially gives the power to you to build your jewellery stack the way you like it. Even the name I For Isharya was chosen because this line is for you, no matter what your personality and style aesthetic. All our pieces in this line are stackable and made to mix and match so that you can create a unique jewellery signature of your own.  

What are the distinctive aesthetics presented within the 'I for Isharya' collection, and what inspired each one? 

With this line, we wanted to create something for everyone. There are four directions that we’ve explored – Romantic Girl, Punk Girl, Golden Girl and Pop Girl – the names are pretty self-explanatory. The Romantic Girl style is full of hearts, lips and sparkle for the irreverent, lively individual. Whereas the Golden Girl style is for the girl who loves to wear stylish golden jewels and so on. While the designs might be distinct from one another, they all have stackability in common and one can easily mix and match them for any reason and season.  

Take us through the creative process from inspiration to design and execution. How long does it take to create each piece in the collection? 

We have a very strong design team. Together we research the latest trends and brainstorm to lock in on the final designs. We started off with many different design directions but we zeroed down on four. Then we extended the directions further and made sure they were very different from one another in terms of the look and feel. We first created mood boards for each of the directions. Basis that we created sketches and then moved on to refining them further. Then the process moves on to CAD – a 3D software to understand the 360-degree look of each design. Then these designs go into production for sampling. Once the samples are received, we do a quality check and raise any concerns in terms of wearability, fit and finish. And the basis that the final pieces are created and sent for product shoots and marketing activities. It took us around 6 months to create this collection – from the mood board to seeing the final samples.  

How does Isharya ensure that the designs in the 'I for Isharya' collection transition seamlessly from day to night and suit various occasions? 

I For Isharya is super versatile and stackable. All our pieces offer something classic with a twist so rest assured, you can wear them the way you like for every occasion from AM to PM. You can build your stack the way you like whether it's for the day or night. You can wear our pieces for every day as well as parties. You can also carry them with you when you travel. So, whether you’re a boss girl or a party animal, there’s an I For Isharya for you! 

Could you discuss the quality and attention to detail that Isharya is known for and how it's reflected in the 'I for Isharya' collection? 

Isharya as a brand is known for innovation and quality in its designs and materials. In this collection like any other, we’ve innovated with the materials and colours. We’ve used colour plating, stretch enamel and more to bring out unique colour stories like never before. We’ve also used our 18k gold plating for every piece and made it all hypoallergenic like all our jewellery to maintain our quality.  

How does Isharya envision customers incorporating 'I for Isharya' pieces into their everyday wardrobes, and what styling tips would you offer for maximizing versatility? 

If you look at our collection, there are some statement pieces while some others are classics. We’ve done this deliberately so that no matter how you build your stack, there’s a good balance. Additionally, we’ve made sure to include some colourful styles and some metallic ones so you can always customise your stack according to your colour preference. I personally like to take one statement piece and then layer it up with some of the other minimalistic classic pieces be it for the ears, neck or wrist. 


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