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6 DIY Food Delivery Kits That Should Be On Your List!

Food delivery has become a much-needed comfort during the lockdown. While we've all tried our hand at creating some culinary magic, who doesn't crave a sumptuous meal from your favourite restaurant? Not only have food deliveries in Delhi, been our SOS during this period, but its also given restaurateurs the creativity to experiment with new food delivery trends.

While some restaurants have opened doors in the national capital, others are operating only their food delivery kitchens. The rest of the world might be stepping out to enjoy a heartfelt meal at their most-loved restaurant, but the numbers are still rising at a steep pace in India. Stepping out to grab a meal, which was considered normal pre-covid 19, is now a distant dream. However, you now have the privilege of enjoying the taste of a hearty & freshly cooked meal from your favourite restaurant, thanks to do-it-yourself food delivery kits. Here are seven restaurants that will satiate all your cravings!

1. CAARA Food

Along with home food delivery, CAARA is also doing DIY meal kits.

2. AnnaMaya

Recreate your favourite dish from AnnaMaya in the comfort of your home with their DIY food delivery kits. Choose from a variety of three-course Western, Asian & India menus.


Chef Ritu Dalmia's prestigious restaurant, Diva has now started DIY deliveries under the name of Diva Casa. From DIY salads, mains, pizza's, pastas and risottos, asian curries, baos and desserts

3. Aku's Burger

The most delicious burgers can now be assembled freshly by you at home. Aku's Burgers DIY burger kits are drool-worthy.

4. Plum by Bent Chair

Plum by Bent Chairs Plumazing DIY kits will now let you delve into the irresistible taste of Pan Asian delicacies at the comfort of your home. All you have to do is follow simple cooking instructions to be a Masterchef!

5. Chicago Pizza

Nothing beats a good pizza when you're lazy to cook a meal. Chicago Pizza's DIY food delivery kit, it here to save to day when you don't have all the ingredients at home!

6. Smoke House Deli

The DIY Deli kits deliver all the comfort food to your doorstep. order from Zomato or Swiggy to get your box of happiness.


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