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Your Guide To Every Diamond Ring Cut!

Diamonds are a girl's best friend and there's no better way to adorn one than in the form of a ring. From statement cut to delicate details, these rings are a graceful addition to your personal style. When it comes to choosing a ring the process can be overwhelming. Many times we stumble upon questions such as; What's the best cut, size, and design?

While picking out the perfect engagement ring there are 4C's you need to keep in mind and the cut of the ring is one of them alongside clarity, colour and carat. From a technical perspective, the cut of a diamond can affect the amount of light it reflects, if put in simpler term it affects how sparkly it is. But beyond that, the aesthetic and style of a ring say a lot about your personal style. Are you someone who wants to keep it classic or do you want to try something new? It's time to find the ring cut that's best suited to your style.

So, all grooms to be here's a little helping hand and, all you ladies it's time to take note! We're breaking down the basics of each cut to make the task a little easier for you. So let's get cracking as we decode different cuts of a diamond ring!

1. The Round Cut

The round cut is the classic diamond shape for an engagement ring, and also guarantees the maximum sparkle. With brilliant radiance, this secures a top spot as an all-time favourite. Add high shine to your ensemble with this feminine jewellery staple. If elegance is your middle name then this one is for you!

2. The Cushion Cut

One of the most romantic styles, this celebrates the feminity and elegance of a woman. A cut of this style is usually square or rectangular with softly rounded corners resembling the shape of a cushion. Timeless, and exquisite it lends itself well to a someone who's looking to go the vintage route. With its softly rounded edges and extra sparkle, it makes any occasion special. If you're a sucker for romance with old-world elegance and a flair for glamour, this is all you need.

3. The Princess Cut

Clean lines and a regal setting, the princess cut exemplifies timeless beauty. The square shape with pointed corners looks even better when set on a diamond-encrusted band. Let these dainty diamonds celebrate your love story.

4. The Pear Cut

A blend of the Marquise shape and oval cut, this sparkling diamond resembles a teardrop. Its unique shape makes it elegant and flattering while also making a small carat stone look larger than it actually is. A great choice to maximise the brilliance and add some sparkle.

5. The Emerald Cut

Undoubtedly one of the most expensive diamond cut, but surely worth every penny. Pristine, royal and regal these diamonds are cut into long and elegant rectangles. The emerald cut is ideal for showing off diamonds with high clarity. Elongate your hands as you adorn your fingers with a diamond so precious for an ultra-flattering appearance. If you're all about understated luxury and are drawn to things that are modern, glamorous, elegant and not over the top, this is the perfect choice for you.

6. The Marquise Cut

Inspired by the smile of the Marquise de Pompadour, the elongated marquise cut diamond makes hands look long and lean. its refined curves and elongates shape makes it desirable for contemporary engagement rings. If you're someone who likes to look royal and be the star of the evening, then this will truly make you feel like yourself.

7. The Oval Cut

With a perfectly symmetrical design, this versatile cut flatters most finger shapes. The elongated shape gives the illusion of length making it an elegant choice. A romantic touch with a hint something more contemporary, you are sure to feel like a princess.

8. The Asscher Cut

The Asscher cut is often called a "square emerald cut" for it's cropped corners and square shape. Sophisticated and stylish, this is an undeniably elegant style.

All Images: Forever Mark & Tiffany


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