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Top 5 Interior Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

A comprehensive guide to understanding interior trends for 2021, 5 experts weigh in.

A home and a house are distinguished by the personal touch of an individual. While a house is merely a space, a home is where the heart is and reflects a part of your individuality. It double up as the perfect place to showcase your unique style. Let's admit it, building your space is a manifold task. From the interiors, construction and landscaping, each aspect needs to be looked into with care for it to come together as a comprehensive whole that tells a story.

2020 was the year, we all stayed in -- and in fact spent the maximum time at home. This also came with its own enlightenments -- while some paid attention to the flaws of their homes, others found a new corner for themselves. But no matter what said and done, upgrading your home is always a good idea.

The art of designing and accessorizing your home can be overwhelming with a wide variety of options to choose from. Along with that comes the pressure of new trends to keep up with year after year. To make this task easier for you, we caught up with five industry experts to give us a scoop on what interior trends to watch for in 2021. Whether you’re one who likes to go the contemporary way or someone who loves the traditional sense of aesthetic, there’s something for everyone.

1. Soft Furnishings

If you're looking for a quick upgrade, furnishing are sure to do the trick. Change the colour of your upholestry, incorporate an array of prints and weaves, or simply find a new technique. Here's what the world of soft furnishings looks like in 2021."Our focus this year will be on eco-friendly and sustainable cotton concepts. In themes we will go forward with Botanica. Actual botanical floral based prints and embroideries in fresh green blue with rose tones. The flowers used in the prints can have a slightly retro feel with the illusion of plant based dyes for the colors . Woven and craft items become an opportunity to exploit the wall art category using weaving techniques to create wall hangings appealing to the customer who is drawn to sustainable products. Hand woven techniques to recreate created the feeling of "one off" items in limited editions. Organic cottons, mélange, linen are all the fibers that inspire the soft furnishings collection. These traditional weaving techniques are used to create a graphic collection that looks modern in its austerity. A clean and simple collection of bedding and dec pillows inspired by Nordic and minimal design. Crafted and textural 3 dimensional pillows in natural colors that will enhance our existing colors, linen and cotton casual bedding collections. Quilted plain weave quilts, embroidered designs on cotton for master bedroom. Traditional floral and designs would be embroidered on the top of bed colors: French blue, blush, terra cotta, olive green, gray,"shares Ms. Suparna Handa, Managing Director at Sarita Handa.

2. Nursery For The Little Ones

2020 has been the year of babies, and setting up a space to welcome the newest member of the family requires careful attention to detail. Whether a new born, or an upgrade for your little ones room, Ms. Romilla Tewari, Founder Thinkcutieful spills the beans on how to create a room perfect kiddos. "Baby nursery has always been an aspirational space for the parents and their own personalities reflect a lot in the baby nursery and rightly so, bright nurseries to pastels to minimal whites , there’s a lot happening in the space. Neutral themes have been very popular with teddy bears and the animals for more theme driven rooms , greens lemons, beiges mints and greys dominate the space. Scandinavian minimal designs are again very popular with parents who are fond of straight line clean looks and of course we have seen luxe nursery designs with gold and white and metal with rich carved furniture moulding on the wall." 3. Lights

Joining the bandwagon of sustainability is Orange Tree Homes. Not only do they add brightness to your home, but also adopt an eco-friendly approach. "Recycle, Reuse and reduce - a sustainable way of living and sustainable products is not only the trend for present and future but it is also the need of the hour. In a world that’s finally woken up to the severity of the climate crisis, gloom and doom of pandemic- sustainable life and aim to consciously choose products that are good for our planet has become ever important. Today we need to rethink everything we thought we knew about making. Focus on materials, so that our designs not only divert waste from landfills, but also don’t fill them up in the future." - Ms. Nikita Bansal, Head of Design at Orange Tree Homes. With their newest range, the brand has re-introduced a completely biodegradable paper mache technique in a contemporary setting that doesn't harm the environment in any form. So if you're looking to give back to the earth, here's an easy start.

4. Wallpapers

Much like upholestry, wallpaper can work wonders to amp up your surrounding instantly. Speaking about the importance of wallpaper Ms. Neha Jain, Co- Founder of UDC Homes quotes, "Wallpapers are like story tellers for any given space, you can make your space your own & wallpaper can be your trend tool. Wallpapers have the beauty to hide wall imperfections & can communicate mood, themes & aspirations. The latest in trend are modern architectural wallpapers mixed with organic touches of the earth. Modern contemporary patterns bring a nice sense of freshness to your space"

With hope, joy and brightness being the theme for the year, wallpaper trends fall into sync with the macro trend, "From traditional florals and trompe l’oeil, to contemporary geometric and tropical patterns or animal motifs and architectural designs. Florals are big news 2021 for interiors and can be adapted to suit any space, whether it’s vintage, retro or contemporary. These new season designs have upped the style stakes and make it easy to work beautiful flowers into your décor,"adds Ms. Neha Jain, Co- Founder of UDC Homes. 5. Furniture

Furniture plays a big role while doing up the interiors of the home. It brings the space to life, and works as the starting point to weave a story. The lockdown has urged the world to take a more sustainable approach towards life, and when it comes to furniture trend 2021, sustainability reigns supreme. Sage Living has worked on studying the subject deeply to create a sustainable line shares Ms. Keerthi Tummala, Founder of Sage Living. "The focus is on sustainable mediums. Upcycling is another subject we are studying deeply. In addition to stylish furniture colors in 2021, it will be useful to pay attention to the main trends regarding furniture and interior design."

But when it comes to trends for the year, less is more. "The main trend is minimalism. The principles of conciseness should be traced throughout the space, so we advise you to free rooms from unnecessary things," shares Ms. Keerthi Tummala, Founder of Sage Living.


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