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Summer Skincare Guide With Mantra Herbal

Guest Writer Mantra Herbal

As the searing summer rolls around, our skin starts to encounter changes. Summer is the perfect time for beach days, pool parties, and vacations. It’s also a great time for a skincare makeover. With excessive heat and humidity, our skin begins to cry out for extra protection, displaying everything from bothersome rashes and sunburns to a persistent tan and acne. So it’s essential that you up your skincare game right away to stay away from unwanted summer skin issues. From exfoliation to face mists, powder make-up products and water-based moisturisers, your beauty kit calls for a revamp. Ahead experts from the Mantra Herbal team give us a low-down on summer skincare MVPs to look and feel fabulous all summer long.

Sun Screen

Say goodbye to bothersome rashes, sunburns, and acne with Mantra Herbal's Saffron and Calendula Sun Cream. This Ayurvedic sun cream offers all-around protection against damaging UVA and UVB radiation while lightening the skin to minimize dark circles and soothing dry skin with calendula.


After a day in the sun, indulge in the Aloe and Cucumber After Sun Moisturizer. This lightweight, nourishing lotion is non-greasy and works wonders on sunburns and moderate skin irritations with natural antibacterial calendula extracts. Aloe vera and cucumber extracts calm and refresh sun-exposed skin, leaving it moisturized and smooth.

Night Cream

For a nighttime skincare routine, try the Bakuchiol Night Cream, which features anti-ageing and brightening properties of saffron and the powerful skin-healing herb Bakuchiol. This natural retinol substitute provides anti-ageing effects on the skin, eliminating wrinkles and fine lines, improving skin texture, and regaining firmness.

Vitamin C Serum

Boost your summer glow with the non-greasy, light Mantra Herbal Vitamin C face serum. This serum enhances strong antioxidant vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, fighting against free radicals and hyperpigmentation, plumping the skin, and calming the skin with aloe vera extracts. Say hello to gorgeous, glowing skin this summer with Mantra Herbal!

Gulab Arka

The Gulab Arka (Rose Water), which is 100% natural and enriched with pure Indian Rose

ingredients, is a toner and cleanser that leaves skin feeling revitalised and immaculately clean. Use it as an after-shave spritz or as a cooler in the summer to moisturise skin.

You can even try the de tan scrub for an instant glow, and don't forget rose water which doubles up as a toner.


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