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Spa Day at Cinqtuair Spa, The Claridges New Delhi: Here's My Review

Arushi Sakhuja

Waking up on a Friday is always exciting, it's the end of the week and with the upcoming long Independence Day weekend what's not to look forward to? But the icing on the cake this Friday, August, 11 was some R&R at the Claridges New Delhi spa, Cinqtuair Spa. Did you know? ‘Salus Per Aquam’ is a Latin phrase that translates to ‘health through water.’ The term SPA, is derived from it and reflects the ideology that’s intended to be at the heart of every spa. After the regular morning hustle, it was time for me to sink into deep relaxation. Given the chaos that preceded the day, the idea of spa therapy at noon was naturally thrilling.

Cinqtuair Spa, The Claridges New Delhi

On reaching the venue I was taken through the newly constructed wing of the hotel making my way to the spa. A contemporary hallway with white walls and modern technology doors and room numbers, the space was inviting and a visual delight. Soon enough I reach the spa that had contemporary influences with handpainted walls inspired by nature. The use of earthy colours and materials like wood, handpainted trees and fresh flowers added immensely to the tranquillity of the space.

Achoom accompanied me to the spa post which my therapist Nisha took over. And might I add, I surely was in great hands. After completing the initial formalities of filling in the form and deciding on the therapy, Nisha started the 90-minute session with 15-minute red light therapy after which we moved on to the 60-minute Swedish massage.

Stepping inside the room I was instantly transported to a natural ambience given the hand-painted nature-inspired walls that enclosed the space. Green colour towels were laid out on the bed and plush wooden furnishings with a jacuzzi added warmth. The white-painted double doors led to the bathroom which had a steam and shower and this for me was a huge plus point. Further, each treatment room consists of colour changing lights (colour therapy) which help calm the mind. With a large TV and modern amenities, the spa room left me in awe. Earthy tones of brown, beige, olive green and white were a common thread across the space, from soothingly lit hallways to the reception counter and spa rooms.

My therapist Nisha was warm and pleasant, post understanding the needs of my body and mind, we decided to go with a Swedish Massage soft-medium pressure. Given my nature of work, I've been to a lot of spas in Delhi, across the country and even overseas. While each had its own charm courtesy of the ambience and interiors, I firmly believe the true magic lies in how well the therapists are trained. And owing to this reason, my experience at Cinqtuair Spa was one of the best. Contrary to the other therapies I've been for, Nisha (who I will be referring to a lot) applied soft gentle pressure that was soothing and calming. Neither was the pressure too much nor too light. She touched upon all the smaller muscle groups with massage techniques that I've barely come across. While the difference lay simply in the direction of the massage, the placement of the body part or the varying pressure used on sensitive areas, I can say that I felt my muscles loosening up and my mind slowly winding down into calmness.

Before the treatment, I made Nisha aware of my problem areas including stiffness in my lower back (thanks to sitting for hours), and cervical pain given the numerous hours spent on screens. Applying the right amount of pressure Nisha was able to target the knots in my body and the problem areas hence easing any discomfort I felt.

Post the massage my body felt relaxed – not overly relaxed but just the right amount of relaxation to get back to the day with a fresh mind – and I felt more mobility in my muscles and overall movement. The therapy at CINQTUAIR Spa at The Claridges New Delhi was power excellence for me. A huge shout out to my therapist 'NISHA' who was able to target the smaller muscle groups (shins, different angles of the ankle, outer thigh, inner thighs) with medium-soft pressure. A gentle Swedish massage that was truly soothing, not painful with the use of immaculate massage techniques and strokes. My personal recommendation is you MUST visit and ask for Nisha if you wish to feel more rejuvenated. The highlight for me was definitely the massage, a bathroom with a steam and shower inside a spa room, the jacuzzi and the natural ambience - making this stand out from others.

Cinqtuair Spa offers a range of therapies to revive your body, mind and soul. Their approach to wellness combines the very best of ancient wisdom and therapies passed down from our ancestors, with every cutting-edge technology that the 21st century has to offer. The Spa has introduced global pioneering treatments such as Normatec Compression Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) and Cryo EMS, introduced in the capital by The Claridges. From body massages to Thai Yoga Massages, moisturizing candle massages to body treatments like polishing treatments, Kokum and honey butter wrap and Ayurvedic treatments like Shirodhara – one of the hallmark treatments of Ayurveda, which is meant to stimulate the third eye with a gentle stream of medicated oils poured over the forehead region to reduces tension – and Kizhi Potali the spa has a wide variety to pick from. It also has Rituals and Face Therapy, Yoga, Cryo EMS, Red Light Therapy and more.

And for those of you who are concerned about the quality of the products used, fret not! We assure you they use the best in the market. All the products used at Cinqtuair spa are procured from Forest Essentials and the ingredients used in the products are plucked and harvested in their most potent form and are sustainable and biodegradable in nature.

Raksha Bandhan Celebrations Offer

What's more? They even have a special gift for your sibling Raksha Bandhan. The gift of wellness and relaxation is a heart-warming gesture that truly embodies the spirit of Raksha Bandhan. This exclusive package offers a wonderful opportunity for siblings to celebrate their bond amidst the tranquil haven of our luxurious spa.

Available exclusively on August, 30 you can gift your loved one a relaxing spa session. The journey commences with the soothing embrace of steam and sauna, calming the mind and preparing the body for ultimate relaxation. An invigorating Oxy Bath follows, harnessing the therapeutic benefits of oxygen to uplift the senses and promote overall well-being. The package is designed to cater to individual preferences, offering a selection of indulgent options to customize the experience. Guests can choose from a luxurious 90-minute massage, the indulgence of a White Pearl Skin Care treatment, or the rejuvenating touch of a Body Scrub & Body Wrap. As the session concludes, guests will receive a thoughtful surprise gift from Cinqtuair Spa.

Package Details:

Date: August, 30

Duration: 2 hours

Price: INR 7000++

For reservations: +91 113955500

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