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JADE at The Claridges Gets A Year Of the Dragon Revamp!

When it comes to authentic Cantonese-Chinese cuisine in the capital there are just a few restaurants that have adept culinary skills. And one of them is nestled at The Claridges, New Delhi. Known for impeccable flavours, and an array of dim sums, JADE at the Claridge New Delhi has got a refreshing interiors upgrade. While the food has always been phenomenal, this time the ambiance got a much-needed refurbish.

Previously known for its intimate and cosy ambiance embraced in the warmth of dim lighting and quaint surroundings, Jade is now grander, infused with ample natural light, more seating and a glass roof at the back end of the restaurant, making it an all-season dining haven. Moving away from the dark interiors in shades of black and brown, the refreshed spaces are inspired by the Year of the Dragan as per the Chinese Lunar calendar.

It oozes a welcoming charm with earthy colours of cream, beige, and brown juxtaposed by accents in a deep emerald green hue. The walls are done up with hand-painted traditional Chinese motifs which keep gold as the background colour mimicking the culture of China. Looking above, Ankon Mitra, a renowned artist from Delhi, created dancing dragons on the restaurant ceiling using origami-inspired art. These replicate the image of the Chinese Dragon which ties together in blissful harmony with JADE's ethos and logo. Talking about the rebirth of Jade Hotel Manager, Himanshu Kumar said, “Much like the Year of the Dragon signifies transformation and renewal, the essence of China's cultural heritage is interwoven into every aspect, creating an atmosphere where guests not only savour delectable dishes but also indulge in a service."

Jade's atmosphere is a symphony of colours reminiscent of old Chinese towns, with brass accents and malachite pillars lending an air of wealth. As you enter the space you are greeted with two large pillars painted in textured emerald green, and accented with gold-painted carved detailing towards either end. In the middle sits a two-seater sofa covered in a canopy of traditional Chinese craftsmanship and upholstered in a beige print that replicates hand-painted Chinese architecture. With contemporary furniture, the chairs are in hues of beige and dark green, and the interiors seamlessly echo the vibrancy of the East. Large bay windows illuminate the room and canopy-like wooden structures painted in black and gold add a Chinese flair to the space.

On the left-hand side of the room is an eye-catching swanky gold metallic bar with emerald green accents and on the right side are three secluded dining rooms. First is the Private Dining Room, where an ancient Jade Emperor's painting takes centre stage, accompanied by Ankon Mitra’s brass Fu Dogs. These guardian figures, both male and female, hold energy-filled spheres in their paws, creating a sense of protection and vibrancy throughout the restaurant. On the other hand, the third Private Dining Room unveils the captivating "Nymph of The Luo River," an ancient masterpiece that acts as a poetic thread, weaving through the artistic treasures of the restaurant. Together, these spaces seamlessly merge, forming an expansive private party area. With a former seating capacity of 45 guests, the new space can accommodate up to 90 guests.

Immerse yourself in the refined details that define Jade's interiors—custom hand-painted gold-leafed wallpapers, sophisticated brass handles, and oriental jalis adorning doors and mirrors. In every nook and corner of Jade, each meticulous detail serves as a brushstroke, contributing to a narrative that transforms the dining experience into a true work of art.

The Menu

Once seated on my table, the artistically placed white marble platter with traditional Indian elephant detailing in the green, instantly caught my gaze and transported me further into the aura of the Jade. But once I was handed the tablet with the menu I was simply blown away. Alongside the new space was a tastefully curated new menu that maintains a delicate balance between traditional and contemporary elements and showcases the rich heritage of Chinese cuisine. Speaking about the new menu, Executive Chef, Ankur Gulati shared “As a chef, my passion is to deliver an extraordinary dining experience where each dish is a celebration of authentic flavours and innovative techniques. While we primarily focus on Cantonese-style cooking techniques, we also embrace regional influences, such as the Sichuan-originated Kung Pao Chicken.”

Adding to their expansive assortment of dim sums, some highlights from the new menu include the Crispy Aromatic Peking Duck, Spicy Sweet Bean Lobster, Kung Pao Brussels Sprouts, Cantonese Cauliflower Sweet and Sour, Barbecue Duck Puff, White Asparagus, and Cheung Fan Dim Sum. China's signature Peking duck is done to perfection at Jade. The duck is perfectly sliced at your table and each piece is crispy on the outside with succulent and juicy meat. If you want to try a new iteration of Chili Chicken (and a whole lot better), the Mala Chicken is simply outstanding; a dry chicken it is enhanced with the right amount of chili and tossed in bell peppers and spring onions.

From the dim sum menu, the prawn and lamb dim sum are a delight and the truffle and mushroom not only look like a portobello mushroom but just melt in your mouth. To end on a sweet note, the Corn Pudding is one that can't be missed. But the stick Toffee Pudding gives it stiff competition. A caramel sauce that's well caramelized is teamed with date cakes and vanilla ice cream, it screams deliciousness.

Maintaining the authenticity of Chinese cuisine while adding new dimensions to its culinary journey, Jade at the Claridges has undoubtedly brought about a new dining experience in the heart of Delhi.

Address: The Claridges, 12, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Rd, Tees January Road Area, Motilal Nehru Marg Area, New Delhi, Delhi 110011


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