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International Coffee Day: Best Cafés Around the Globe For Your Cuppa Caffeine

Arushi Sakhuja

A visit to a local coffee shop is an essential part of daily life; picking up a to-go cup on our way to the office or setting up shop with a laptop and a cappuccino. The smell of freshly brewed coffee almost always pulls you in, and a good cuppa satisfies you like nothing else.

In Sweden coffee is not just about the quality of coffee you drink but the way in which you drink it, too. One of the most important Swedish rituals surrounding coffee is called fika, a regular coffee break taken with friends and family; In Cuba, a café Cubano is a Cuban riff on an Italian classic. To make it, a shot of dark-roasted espresso is brewed either directly onto sugar or mixed and melted with the grounds for an intoxicatingly sweet. When it comes to Spain a layered drink served in a glass, café bombón combines espresso and sweetened condensed milk. The coffee is typically poured into the glass first, and then condensed milk is added slowly to sink underneath it, creating two separate, distinct bands of colour, and the list goes on.....

Fika in Sweden

café Cubano

café bombón

If you are someone who travels the world in search of the perfect cup of coffee, you could call yourself a coffee aficionado. Perhaps you’d like to sip a cappuccino on the terrace in Milan or watch surfers catch the next wave in South Africa while enjoying your fresh brew. From a grand coffee house in Marina Bay Sands to a stand-up cafe in Rome, no matter where you are this World Coffee Day, discover these must-visit coffee shops across the globe and take your daily cup up a notch.

Cafe Florian, Venice

Cafe Florian has been serving its customers since 18th century. It is one of the only early coffee houses that served female clients as well. The cafe is partially a museum where you can find great artworks, which are an important part of history. After walking in, you will be able to notice the soft lightning interior with a gilded ceiling that gives a smooth mood to the cafe house. If you would like to explore some history while drinking a coffee, this place is just for you.

Ralph's Coffee, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

The latest addition to The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands is Ralph Lauren's new luxury concept store. The interior of the store showcases classic Americana vibes, with its mosaic floor tiles, wooden decor accents, and signature emerald green tones. Ralph's Coffee, which debuted in Manhattan in 2014, also has a presence in major fashion cities like New York, Tokyo, London, and Beijing. The cafe near the Ralph Lauren boutique is the first one to open in Singapore. Visitors can now savour Ralph Lauren's signature Ralph's Roast coffee, brewed from organically grown beans from Central and South America, without having to travel to cities like New York City, Chicago, London, and Tokyo. Ralph's Coffee offers a variety of desserts such as cakes, cookies, and Singapore-exclusive Ralph's Coffee Soft Serve, perfect for sunny days. The cafe serves Pineapple Shaken tea, a refreshing jasmine green tea for those who do not enjoy coffee. Furthermore, you can pair your beverage with fresh bakes like Ralph's Chocolate Cake. If you prefer savoury bites, you can order sandwiches like Tuna Mayo, Egg Mayo, and Beef Pastrami.

Coffee Museum Dubai

Coffee has always been an important part of Arabic culture and the Coffee Museum in Dubai showcases exactly why. The museum is located in the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, hidden inside the narrow lanes of the old district, and is the ideal spot to discover the origin of coffee. Dating all the way back to the legend of Kaldi, Coffee Museum Dubai showcases the celebration of coffee culture across the globe, as well as the Arabic traditions. Coffee grinders used in the First World War, historical data dedicated to coffee and old brewing pots are just a few of the artefacts on display. So it's time to take a dive into history.

Andante Helsinki, Finland

Andante brings you joy through flowers and top-notch coffee. This plants & coffee shop is sustainable and happy-making, with more than a hint of Nordic minimalism. Whether you are in the mood for a steamy cup of coffee or a cute addition to your cactus collection, Andante will not disappoint. The coffee is prepared by hand and is almost ritualistic, which is extremely soothing to watch. Andante’s baristas really know what they are doing and are happy to chat about the nuanced flavours of the beans, brews, and drinks until you too are convinced.

Cafe Dori by Nappa Dori

Cafe Dori

Cafe Dori, a brand extension of Nappa Dori, offers a delightful Pan-European dining experience. The café's menu and vibe are inspired by French, English, and East European cuisines. The menu includes a wide variety of beverages, including coffee, iced and hot tea, kombucha, fresh juices, and smoothies, making it a perfect spot for coffee lovers. Additionally, Cafe Dori welcomes pets and has a specially prepared food menu for dogs.

The café's focus is on providing diners with well-curated European-style home-cooked dishes. The coffee menu at the Nappa Dori warehouse is extensive, with a range of hot and cold brews carefully sourced from local artisans. The beans are grown on different plantations across the country, roasted finely, and crafted into a perfect cup of coffee by our talented baristas. To enhance the artisan coffee experience, our baristas use their handcrafted skills to create latte art, a method of preparing coffee that creates patterns or designs on the surface of the latte, making each cup of coffee a work of art.

Conçu, Bengaluru

To celebrate International Coffee Day make your way to Conçu, the renowned cafe and patisserie from Hyderabad that offers a range of coffees on their menu. From the Espresso Tonic to the Iced Americano, Conçu's berrylicious twist on Algeria’s popular iced coffee - Mazagran and the Iced Spanish Latte, take your pick!

Perch Wine and Coffee Bar

Coffee or wine? If you love both Perch is the place to be for coffee aficionados who have a sweet tooth, too. The place serves many varieties of coffee – right from cappuccino to espresso and the trending Vietnamese Iced Coffee with a side of banana bread and a cookie.

Blue Tokai

A brand that needs no introduction. The entrance of Blue Tokai changed the coffee culture in the country. One of the best coffee shops in Delhi, Blue Tokai has carved a reputation for beverages that are fragrant, flavourful and true to their nature. From different regions to varying intensities and notes, the variety available here is impressive, and each brew has a distinct flavour that will fill up your senses. Don't forget to try their sourdough bread too! Their special drinks like the Coffee, Cascara and Vanilla or the Cascara and Hibiscus are must-tries.

Third Wave

There's a new coffee player in town in India, called Third Wave, that has quickly gained popularity for its delectable brews. They have several locations across the country and are leading a revolution in the coffee scene. It's not just their hot coffee that's noteworthy, but their cold and iced offerings as well. They have a range of unique flavours to try, such as orange zest mocha, La Vie En Rose (made with rose and cardamom), Mocha Praline, Affogato, and many others.

Subko Coffee, Mumbai

The newest addition to Subko in Mumbai is a combination of a bakehouse, roastery, and coffee shop. Guests can observe the process of grinding, brewing, and packaging coffee beans while also receiving assistance from the knowledgeable staff to find the perfect coffee for their taste preferences. Additionally, the Subko Bloom School will soon offer specialized coffee education at this location, along with various events such as flea markets featuring local artisanal goods. Don't forget to indulge in the wide selection of unique coffee blends and delicious baked goods available at this craftery.


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