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Here Are The Best Ways To Style The Fanny Pack!

The uncool fashion staple of the 90's, the fanny pack, made a return last year with a design upgrade and has been turned into one of the best high fashion accessories. We can surely say that the fanny pack is having a moment in the sphere of fashion.

It was in 1988, that athletic wear became a street style trend and fanny packs were extremely popular at this time. During this period, Adweek Magazine declared them as the "hottest product of the year." The skaters started wearing the bag as a functional accessory to keep keys, phone, weed, wallet, and any other necessities safe while skating. Available in bright neon shades and with tacky logo, the fanny pack which was once a functional fashion accessory started seeing a decline. They became too commercial for style purposes and by the end of the 1990s wearing a fanny pack was no longer cool.

2018 saw the resurgence of the fanny pack, which has been rebranded as belt bags by luxury fashion designers. A standout runway star at recent Fashion Weeks, this iconic 1990s accessory has recently been spotted on the runway of many designers like, Versace, Burberry, Gucci, Nike and Saint Laurent.

So if you haven't already snagged a fanny pack or two for yourself, it's time to do so, because this bag trend has managed to stay on the right side of this year's hot list!

We've rounded up the best ways to style this trend.


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