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Artistic Movies Inspired From World Famous Artworks

Creation of the cinematic counterparts inspired by unforgettable artworks.  By Shubhangi Thakur

Since the beginning of time, art has existed in different forms of expression. The tales of history and the stories of mysteries, art has preserved it all. So, yes, art is to live for, but movies? They are the windows to our imagination, emotions, experiences, and reality of different worlds existing together. In an era of AI and other technical advancements, a marvellous collision of creativity and performance has emerged, filmmaking inspired by the striking brushstrokes of famous artworks. The recreation of these emotion-altering paintings in movies has innovated a new art form. Few of these lionized art pieces have reflected their depictions in movies from around the world. Such mastery of visually immersive storytelling has elevated the imagination and concepts of the filmmaking world. So, to decode the metaphors and to throw some light on the hidden perspectives, here's a curation of movies that borrowed meanings and creative expressions from the art world.

Girl With A Pearl Earring

Image- Pinterest

Step back into the 17th century and explore the nostalgic Netherlands with this film that is set in a vintage era and the dynamics of art. Inspired by the renowned painting 'Girl With A Pearl Earring' by Johannes Vermeer it's a depiction of a young woman deluged in her dark, shallow space with a blue and gold turban, pearl earring, and an empty expression. So, as you delve into the movie, you are bound to witness the beauty of the 'what ifs' the painting portrays. Its theme revolves around the obsession with money, repression, passion, and creative integrity. 

The Truman Show From Architecture au clair de lune

Image- Movie Web

A masterpiece, an innovative idea, and a thought-provoking movie, The Truman Show recreates the iconic yet surreal world of René Magritte’s painting at the end of the movie. Just like the painting conveys the idea of how ordinary can seem captivating, the movie walks along the same lines by showing how ordinary can be captivating yet glorified. As the movie brings down the curtains of truth of the reality show culture, it also introduces the stillness and calmness that René delineates in his painting. 

Shutter Island From The Kiss

Image- Pinterest 

Who knew the mystical and erotic representation of love in the painting by Gustav Klimt can be shown as a psychological thriller that tells a story of love, strange moments, a guilt-ridden past, and an investigation. Directed by Martin Scorsese, the movie deeply shows the despair and melancholy of the protagonist in the scene borrowed and improvised from the world-famous painting. 

Scream From Edvard Munch's The Scream

Image- One Dio

Everyone's all-time favourite horror movie, which revolves around a murder mystery is inspired by the great work of Edvard Munch: The Scream. As the painting evokes feelings of panic, anxiety, and alienation, the movie directed by Wes Craven also depicts the metaphor of depression and isolationism. With melancholy being prettified and revealed to the viewers, the movie is a portrayal of the painting's idea about loneliness in modern life. 

Moonrise Kingdom From 'To Prince Edward Island'

The world is aware of Wes Anderson's films that are visually pleasing, perfectly symmetrical and gives a deeper dimensional power. But his talent has no bars in the world of cinema, and so he abstracted the ideas from the art world, too. In his movie Moonrise Kingdom, he paid homage to Alex Colville's paintings, To Prince Edward Island. With differences in hues and resemblance in concepts, both the movie and paintings are perceptually poetic. 

Loving Vincent from Paintings of Vincent van Gough

Image- Movie Web

If we were to define Loving Vincent, it would be historically rich and a continuation of Vincent’s legacy. The movie, directed by Dorota Kobiela, honours and acknowledges the Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh. The film dives deep into the darkest moments of the painter when he struggled with mental illnesses and tragically took his own life. The thorough study of his paintings and letters carved a path for this artistic movie to rise. 


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