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Trend Report: 6 Must Buy Looks This Season!

As you sit to update your wardrobe with the season's latest trends, let me be your helping hand to find the most lust-worthy fashion staples for the season. With every season come new trends and must buy outfits for the season, this summer has seen the the resurgence of many trends from the 90's including, fanny packs and tie and dye and many more, all with new designs and updated look.

In today's world of fast fashion, keeping up with the trends has become a norm and many trends which have been spotted on the runway, have made their way into the high street fashion brands like H&M and Zara making it both fashion forward and accessible. So we've put together a trend report with this seasons must buy looks for you next shopping spree!

1. Tie and Dye

Tie and dye is yet another 90's trend which is an extremely prevalent trend this season. This childhood staple trend that remind us of the surfer chic look has seen a major upgrade. The evolution tie and dye gives its fresh feel in 2019. The trend has been spotted on and off the runway and is embraced by many luxury and high fashion brands. For both spring and fall 2019, designers at the fashion week have translated this print onto various clothing pieces including puffer jackets, miniskirts, leggings, t-shirt and many more. Fashion influencers have taken cue and started sporting the trend into their street style outfits.

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2. Tied Accents

Big bows are a big rage this season, but while we pay attention to bows and knots as a key element, we shouldn't miss out the outfits where they are subtle incorporated. A bow can be either a sweet feminine touch to an outfit or a key element in the outfit which flatters and defines your body. Bows have been spotted on evening gowns, summer floral dresses and even crop tops, so there's no denying that this trend has trickled down from the runway and is easy to add to your wardrobe.

3. A Walk Through The Wild Side

There's no denying that animal prints are extremely appealing- bold & daring, these pieces make a statement all by themselves. The return of animal prints in 2019 is not only characterised by leopard print, but there's an entire jungle of prints to choose from. Be its zebra, leopard, tiger or snakeskin print, this trend has something for everyone. Leopard print is the easiest route to take when it comes to street style, but Balenciaga's neon snakeskin print will make it to everyones lust-list. So cast aside your animal print fears and get closer to the wild side.

4. Coordinated Ensembles

Donning one colour or print head to toe had started being seen as tacky & mix and match was the new approach everyone followed. But gone are those days where mixing and matching is seen as trendy, colour block ensembles are fashion's new favourite. From coordinated pant suits, to monotone jumpsuits vibrant coordinated ensembles reigned supreme on the streets and the runway. The no-fuss nature of these ensembles and the way the silhouette adapts to any aesthetic is probably the biggest selling point.

5. Woven Accessories

Bags and shoes are a woman's best friend. A statement hand bag can surely take your look up a couple of notches and make your outfit go from drab to fab. This summer, is all about the natural look and especially when accessories are concerned, woven accessories are taking over. Stay on trend with a pair of perfectly braided platforms or a wicker bag, they’re elegant yet effortless, and that’s our favourite combination. Have you snagged your favourite woven items yet?

6. Statement Headbands

Headbands have never been more old-school than in the recent years, but this year it's time to watch out for statement headbands which are making heads turn. Our favourite school grade headbands are back in trend. A perfect fashion accessory for a day at the beach or by the poolside, this versatile piece is easy to pair with any ensemble. This season, headbands are supersized and just a tad more sophisticated. They were all over the spring runways and are already being sported by the street style set.

Image Source: Instagram


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